Watch: Workdays And Weekends Around The World

We all hate Mondays, don’t we? Dragging yourself out of the bed and getting ready for work/college/whatever, you know the drill. What about Saturdays? Ah, weekends!

We all have two modes – workday mode and weekend mode. This constant craving for weekends along with the hate for workdays leaves us all tired and messed up.

But not everyone can hate workdays, especially if you have schemes like ‘Shining Mondays’ or ‘Premium Fridays’ or ‘Epic Wednesdays’.

Sounds interesting? It’s because they are.

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And guess what? Sundays aren’t necessarily off for everyone. Your weekend which usually starts from Friday nights and ends with Sunday evenings isn’t the same for everyone.

We take a look at the workdays and weekends around the world:

I know you’re still hooked with the concept of ‘Epic Wednesdays’, and I can’t blame you for it, really. If only it was the norm everywhere!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Guardian, Telegraph, Wikipedia + more

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