Ever since I was a kid, mythologies have always fascinated me, namely Greek mythology. To this date, the entire series of Percy Jackson is my guilty pleasure. However, what completely blew me out of the water was the amalgamation of these mythologies with superhero characters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe provides you a buffet of mythologies to choose from.

You want a piece of Greek mythology, you have got the Eternals starring Angelina Jolie as Thena. In the movie, an uncanny resemblance is found between Thena and the goddess of war and wisdom – Athena.

You want Egyptian mythology? Dive straight into the world of Moon Knight where the fate of humanity rests in the hands of Egyptian Gods – Khonshu and Ammit.

In case, you want some Roman mythology, look no further than Makkari – a character from Eternal who’s patron God is Mercury – the Roman God of travelers and merchants.

As for Norse mythology, we have got the world of Asgard to dwell in. With Gods of mischief like Loki the ever-charming and the righteous one like Thor, Marvel has got it all.

Why Has Marvel Been Using Patron Gods?

According to the man who created this entire world of fantasy for us, Stan Lee,

“I dreamed up Thor years ago because I wanted to create the biggest, most powerful superhero of all and I figured who can be bigger than a god? I chose the Norse gods because I felt people were less familiar with them than with the Greek and Roman gods.”

The very concept of superheroes is linked to mythologies. Common people realizing their hidden powers and defending the larger cause of humanity is a common philosophical line in almost all mythological stories and so is the case with most of the superhero films in MCU.

Thereby, it’s safe to assume that Marvel likes to create superheroes with an Olympian God-like stature.

However, let us take a look at some of the marvel characters who have patron Gods:

1. Black Panther – Goddess Bast

2. Moon Knight – Khonshu

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3. Wanda – Chthon

4. Thena – Athena

5. Arthur Harrow – Ammit 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. I wonder what more can Marvel do about all the other mythologies and superheroes.

Disclaimer: This article is fact-checked.

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