Watch: Top 10 Airports With The Best Architecture Across The World

These wonderful airports are definitely worth a visit

Long gone are the days when airports were merely just a place for you to wait before boarding your flight. Over the years, airports have changed the way people travel and prefer to travel.

Due to check-in rules and regulations, you need to wait at least 3 hours at the airport before catching a flight. Then why not make it pleasant to look at? Designers and architects around the world have revolutionised the concept of airports over the years.

Changi Airport in Singapore has invested 1.3 billion dollars in ‘Jewel’, a new-age shopping complex that attracts millions of visitors every year. So much so, that people have now deliberately started to increase their layover time in Singapore!

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When you visit a country, the first thing you see is the airport. And your first impression of the place can be highly influenced by how good the airport looks, or feels.

While the government and airport authorities have decided to monetize the whole concept of travelling here, we witness airports that are no less than any wonders of the world.

In order to satisfy your wanderlust, albeit virtually, here we have 10 airports with the best architecture that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime!

Do you know any other airports that deserve to be on the list? Let us know by commenting below!

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