Watch: Most Colorful Streets Of India

India is best known as the country of colors. The country looks like it’s been adorned by a rainbow. We have a festival dedicated to just colors – Holi. Our food, clothes, culture, everything is colorful, so how could the streets fall short in this aspect?

India is bad-mouthed for its unclean cities and streets. They don’t really have any ‘picturesque appeal’. But, these streets would change your perception of Indian streets, just as they have changed mine. Watch the full video here:

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Pretty spectacular, right? The credit goes to wonderful graffiti artists who make the streets colorful with their sheer talent and dedication. Take Lodhi Art District for instance. It has tourists coming from all across the country and world, who appreciate the artwork.

colorful streets india

Then, who could have thought or cared about coloring the slums of Mumbai? Slums, after all, are not associated with the beauty of any kind? But the graffiti artists have changed the face of slums in Bandra, Mumbai. The city has some of the most colorful streets where you should go on your next visit to the city.

Mumbai: A view of colorful slums at Jafar Baba colony in Bandra West, Mumbai

Have you ever visited any of these places? Let us know in the comments section below.

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