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Hi. How’s your morning going?

While you comfortably sip your privileged tea or coffee, I am taking the 8’o clock metro to Noida.

Metro is like a second home. Being a day scholar, travelling to and from Noida involves spending long hours in the metro.

All sorts of people travel via metro. Especially the kind of people who think it’s their birthright to be unkind and thankless!

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The other day I offered my seat to someone when he casually asked me to. Mind you, the person wasn’t old, sick or in need of the seat whatsoever.

I gave up my seat anyway ‘cuz you know? “Do good and it comes back to you!” The person sat down without any acknowledgment or thank you. Pushed me aside when he had to get down and didn’t even bother to offer the seat back to me.

Point being, it’s stupid to assume that Gandhi Ji’s ideals still work in the practical world. Today, if someone slaps you and you offer them the other cheek, 99.99% you’ll be slapped on that too!

I know all the books, famous personalities, friends, and family always tell us to be nice to anyone and everyone. But today, in the 21st century, in this oh-so-practical world, I can safely say it doesn’t hold true anymore.

practical world 1

College taught me the same. If you try to go out of your way to help someone, you’re going to get nothing in return. In fact, people will only take advantage of it.

And if one fine day you point out this habit to such thankless idiots, they’ll only blame you for something XYZ. Such is the practical world today.

To teach a lesson to such people, you have to get down to their level. Get your hands dirty to make a point. You know… like that saying goes, “Be nice to people but don’t take anyone’s s**t!”

Now, I am not trying to tell you that all people are like that. Just trying to say, if you live in the bubble where everything is nice and all the people are good humans, please pop it super soon for yourself.

You cannot survive in the practical world by being a ‘nice’ person. You need to limit your niceness. You need to develop the habit of being pragmatic and practical, rather than letting emotions rule you.

So, take an oath from today! Don’t say YES to everyone who asks for your help. Understand when it is the RIGHT thing to do. Don’t be NICE to everyone!

When someone gives you shit, get down to their level. TEACH THEM A LESSON!

Was this reality check enough for you to deal with people in this super practical world? Let us know in the comments below!

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