Watch: Royal Enfield As A Deity And Other Surprising Rituals In Indian Temples

Have you heard of the Chilkur Balaji Temple in Hyderabad that grants visas to those aspiring to travel abroad? Or Brahma Baba’s Temple in Uttar Pradesh where clocks are hung as offerings?

Being from a land of 330 million gods, it’s easy, and quite natural, to be acquainted with only the popular deities. However, there is a treasure trove of extraordinary rituals practised in lesser-known temples that we shouldn’t miss out on.

It’s quite surprising that these unique shrines with their captivating practices have become popular tourist destinations while most Indians are ignorant about them. And it’s not just absurd rituals we are talking about here. We have quite a number of interesting deities being worshipped as well!

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Just last year, it was announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to join the list of celebrity deities with his own exclusive temple in Meerut, Andhra Pradesh, built by an avid supporter.

Whether you’re keen on worshipping our PM or not, here are some other surprising rituals in Indian temples that are sure to impress you –   

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