In Shark Tank India, we have all seen ‘sharks‘ (especially Ashneer) making rude comments to contestants. Now, the founder and CEO of iWeb, Akshay Shah (who was also a contestant at Shark Tank India) opens up about what goes on behind the scenes and you should see what he has to say.

First things first, you may not remember iWeb’s pitch in the show. That was because it was never telecasted.

shark tank india contestant
#1 Not all pitches were televised

Didn’t the pitch given by entrepreneurs seem original and raw? Unfortunately, that was not the case. The pitch was designed by the channel creatives.

Also, India has 29 states and several dozen languages. Shark Tank got people from all over the country. So did you ever wonder why everyone talked in only Hindi when clearly many of them were having difficulties? That was because the channel asked them to stick to Hindi for viewers to understand.

He also hinted at the possibility that the channel recommends businesses for the sharks to invest in.

This is only Akshay’s speculation and it may not be true but he believes that the sharks end up investing in the contestants whose pitches the channel spends more time on. The channel didn’t focus so much on them, which made them believe that they are good but that wasn’t true.

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shark tank india contestant

He tweets that the real problem was sharks. His business model went directly against Ashneer’s business model. Ashneer responded rudely like always saying “Data toh kilo ke bhaav me Chandni Chowk pe Bikta hai” (Data is sold at Chandni Chowk at rate of per kilogram).

shark tank india contestant

Namita came to Akshay’s defense (on the show, she does that often to save the contestants from Ashneer’s wrath). However, she didn’t invest in the business because of the infamous “meri expertise nahi hai isme, so I am out“.

shark tank india contestant

Anupam didn’t like that he said a line in Gujarati, his native language, even though the channel cleared him to do that. If a businessman, who built a company worth millions, is so intolerant of regional languages, should he be allowed to sit on that chair?

The ordeal is indeed problematic. It was only the first season and the sharks have themselves admitted that they learned a lot in this season that the channel hopes to improve in the next season going forward.

We hope that the next season is more authentic and sharks more humble.

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