Shark Tank India is being loved by people from all over the country. It is a platform to empower entrepreneurs, provide them with funding, feedback, and exposure. The show has ended but it’s still fodder for hilarious memes.

Thanks to the show, the middle-class households are talking about start-ups, something that was frowned upon earlier. It also inspired many youngsters to believe in themselves and their potential and to start their entrepreneurship journey. In that sense, we have much to thank for.

However, when you dive deeper and check the background of seven sharks, you realize that they all come from very privileged backgrounds. Many of them have studied abroad, and those who have studied in India have pursued their education from the best and most expensive institutions.

Vineeta Singh, for example, invested a lot of money in her education (MBA from IIM Ahmedabad is an expensive affair) following which she rejected a 1 crore job offer from Deutsche Bank to start something of her own. An average middle-class person who is laden with families’ responsibilities and has to pay off loans can hardly ever give up on an offer like that no matter how much potential they have.

There were several contestants on Shark Tank that defied all odds to come there. They didn’t have the means or resources that the sharks had in their initial stages. Yet they are mocked and ridiculed by judges for ideas, pitches, or business models.

Being an investor, it is their right to judge the business and the entrepreneur on their potential. But, ridiculing someone on national TV is another thing altogether. Ridiculing someone coming from a less privileged background is just brutal.

This artist going by the Instagram name Bakarmax captures this scenario in his comics titled “Sink Tank India”. He also came on the show, asking for ₹35 lakhs in exchange for 5% equity of his company. None of the sharks invested and he went on to create these comics:

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There have been several memes on how the sharks rob contestants of their stake in their company for “skin in the game”

shark tank india

BTS of how Shark Tank India got approved in the first place.

shark tank india

This is the kind of feedback that the sharks would’ve gotten had they gone on the show as its contestants.

This is not to say that they didn’t work hard to be where they are. Often, people with every facility also don’t make it this far so having resources is not the only important thing. They sure worked hard to be successful in their respective fields and went through their fair share of struggles.

Some may say that these comics are the result of facing rejection. But, these comics reveal another angle of the show, something we all know but don’t say out loud – the privileged advantage.

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