Watch: Here Are Some Stunning Locations To Go Stargazing In India

Travel to these locations to spend an unforgettable evening with the stars!

In the words of the first woman astronomer, Maria Mitchell, “Mingle the starlight with your lives and you won’t be fretted by trifles.” For all those curious about the universe, stargazing can be a fascinating and exciting way to escape reality and dive into the cosmic world. 

The wonders of outer space and the magic of observing celestial objects never cease to amaze us. People have spent decades trying to understand the universe and how it works, and stargazing is just how astronomers begin the journey of discovery.

Although astronomers use heavy equipment and have more experience in understanding stars, stargazing can be a fun hobby to do on your own or with your family and friends.

With a beginner’s star chart, a few useful stargazing apps and the perfect location, your stargazing experience can still be exceptional!

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It can be challenging to find a suitable location to go stargazing in India, considering the pollution-laden cities we live in and the smoke that blocks out the night sky. And besides the pollution, cities also have a tremendous amount of light at night, making it harder to spot many stars. 

But don’t fret because we’ve put together a list of fantastic locations across the country where you can experience the beauty of the stars to the fullest!

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Sources: Times of India, Outlook Traveller, The Better India

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