Watch: Five Indian Origin CEOs Leading World’s Top Companies

Be it the world’s number one search engine, Google or the world’s favourite social media platform, Twitter, or the largest computer software around the globe, Microsoft, everywhere India is ruling.

These above-mentioned tech giant companies are world famous and are headed by CEOs of Indian origin.

It is of no surprise that Indians have been playing the main roles in leading the world’s major companies and that too they are doing it with utmost grace. India has been very successful in creating people who have the aura and power within themselves that they are able to kindly head such companies. It is something which other nations don’t really have, and we Indians are proud to have it!

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Presenting you five CEOs of Indian origin who are leading the world’s top companies in the video below.

It is a moment of pride for India to see people from India assuming high-profile positions outside India that too with companies that are famous and whose services are widely used.

Let us know in the comments below who is your favourite among these five.

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