Watch: 5 Mobile Games That Were Once Popular But People Hardly Play Them Now-Nostalgia Overload

Reaching the level of nostalgia!

Mobile video games have always been very popular. They are usually free, entertaining and can be played anywhere. Plus, you don’t need to buy a separate device just for playing games.

However, all these factors come with a big downside. Developers release these games quite often, which just increases the users’ dilemma. There are thousands of games in each category, and it is difficult for a good game to stand out.

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Still, we usually manage to pick out some good games. When these games become viral, their popularity skyrockets. They reach millions of downloads in a month, sometimes breaking records.

But not every game manages to maintain its popularity. Usually, they fizzle out because of their monotonous nature.

Here are five such mobile games:


Even though these games have failed to keep up, they still are a lot of fun if you are revisiting them after a long time. They remind you of the merry times you spent playing them.

Each game is special to a user in one way or another, even if they are off the popularity charts.

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