Watch: 5 Cars That Are Perfect For Millennials

Till about a few years ago, millennials had little to no interest in buying automobiles and were one of the toughest people to please in this sector. Whereas the Baby Boomers generation was the most satisfied and the highest buying customers for automobiles.

Even still, with various issues like environment pollution, getting a good job, student loans, and more, buying a car for oneself individually was no longer at the top of the mind for millennials.

As per various studies, Millennials were not only not buying a car but also were not feeling the need to go into the driving area at all by delaying or completely not attempting to get a driver’s license. Along with that, the latest trend of cabs, that also allowed people to share their rides was something that appealed to Millennials.

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Marty Miller, a senior product marketing manager at Experian Automotive, said that Millennials were, “headed for an urban lifestyle where mobility depends on a tapestry of trains, buses and ride-share options.”

However, that is slowly changing since several brands are now targeting the Millennials generation specifically and creating cars that appeal to their sensibilities and interest.

Here we take a look at some cars that are perfect for the Millennials:

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Sources: Forbes, Washington Post, HotCars + more

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