The idea of the World’s cheapest car, Tata Nano was conceived by none other than Ratan Tata on a rainy monsoon evening after he saw a family of four on a bike.

It’s tough to imagine any vehicle generating more curiosity than an iconic supercar. But Ratan Tata, head of the Tata business conglomerate captured the world’s imagination when he drove the Nano onto the podium at the 2008 India Auto Expo in New Delhi.

“The fact of unsafe travel was bothering me,” Tata, the erstwhile chairman of the Tata group says in an interview. “What really motivated me was constantly seeing Indian families riding on scooters, four or five on a scooter, maybe the child sandwiched between the mother and father on slippery roads in the dark.”

It’s 2018. Ten years after it was launched, Tata Nano is nearly dead. But what went wrong for the cheapest car to be sold in India? Why is it that the people’s car is not wanted by the people themselves? Lets take a look at the journey of Tata Nano:

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Rest in peace Tata Nano!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Moneycontrol, Time, Quartz

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