Watch: 10 Websites/Apps Every College Student Should Know For Making Their Study Life Easy

No more running after assignments!

There were days when we went to every family member just for a math problem and bought a pile of books for a board exam.

Now, we’ve got it all on our fingertips. Homework? Google it and copy-paste. Assignment? Google it and copy-paste.

But while we learned how to ace college/school exams, the teachers got smarter too. Now, we have to give plagiarism-free assignments, last-minute quizzes, long essays, and of course, out of syllabus questions. 

We all thought that at least this lockdown would give us a break from studies, but I don’t think that’s going very well.

We still get a ton of assignments, quizzes, and not everyone is getting the best out of online lectures.

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For some online lectures are about 40 percent “I can’t hear you” and buffering, and maybe 20 percent sleep.

To our rescue, there are a lot of websites that wipe out every college struggle, websites that help with last-minute preparation and even acing assignments and essays.

There are websites that provide free learning, free courses on any subject and even coupons to get paid courses for free!

Watch the video below for 10 websites that will wipe out some of your college/school struggles.

Do you know any other helpful website? Tell us in the comment section below.

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