Disclaimer: Originally published in June 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Yes, we are all tired of travel snobs.

You always have someone who would push you (not even encourage) to travel as much and as far as you can. And on the other hand, there are travel websites that scream on your face that the only thing that you need to travel is a “change in perspective”.

While I understand that there might be people too lazy to get out from their beds, I also understand that you are *enter expletive* privileged to even afford to say such a thing.

travel snobs

Here are three things that travel snobs should understand about privilege that they enjoy:

1. “Everyone can travel.”

Yes, why not?

If only that “everyone” includes people who have enough security for a safe fall-back option, and trust us, many don’t!

You might not realize it, but it is impractical for some people to place aside their jobs and travel places, you know.

So, I can’t practically see “everyone” in your procession. Either I have to get my eyes checked or you have to correct your myopia.

Not only that. When you make that statement, you conveniently ignore all the people with physical disabilities who might want to travel the country or the world, but still could not get themselves to because their present condition limits it.
Travel snobbery then becomes disrespectful as well.

2. “Travel is not about money.”

Ask me, it is.

Dude, there are times when I have 2K for the month. In that, I have to manage my daily conveyance to college, save some for whatever necessities, and if by the end of the month, I have only 200 bucks left, I’m sure I can only go to a restaurant at MKT.

If you travel, that is certainly because you can afford to. Traveling on a budget might happen on a group, but when you are traveling solo, it becomes difficult because some costs keep attacking you no matter how hard you try to prevent them (food and local commute).

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3. “You need to have the will to travel.”

Why don’t I hear anyone say “freedom”?

Why does travel always discount women and assumes that everyone lives in an egalitarian society? I mean, I am an Indian woman! A cow has more freedom than me. Do you understand the plight?

Not all places are safe for women and neither do all places entertain solo women traveling. It gets very difficult to acquire a space and assert yourself. Also, agar ghar mein pata lag gaya ki ladki akeli hai toh parivar waale kya kahenge?

And just in case you are traveling with a male friend of yours, it becomes doubly difficult – neither does your family approve of it, nor do you really find an easy place to stay anywhere, especially if it is India.

Travel snobbery also causes anxiety among people who want to travel but do not have the social location in which they can do so, leading to unnecessary stress and frustration. People might not take in a more objective view of their situations and homogeneously apply the conditions of others to themselves.

It is time that these travel blogs which young adults religiously follow, also disseminate the fact that travel is a privilege.

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