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2020 is the worst year for you if you had some amazing travel plans.

It gets even worse if you are an extrovert or someone who loves to travel, hang out with friends, socialize, etc. The coronavirus has affected all of us in some way or the other, and getting back to our previous lives looks like talk of ancient times.

Having said the same, it’s been more than two months since the country has been in lockdown. With people locked inside their homes, this unprecedented situation has left most of us restless and we desperately seek to return to normal. But the bad news is that seeing the current situation, that isn’t happening anytime soon!

With more than 1,70,000 cases being diagnosed, it is speculated that India will witness its coronavirus peak around mid-June-July. Anybody can lose his/her sanity after being locked in for such a long period and even worse, run out of finance to ensure a livelihood. 

Keeping in mind the crippled economy, the government has taken the daring step of re-opening the country in phases.

According to the authorities, even going out to eat in restaurants, shopping malls, religious places, etc will be resumed soon because for how long can a country keep its citizens locked up in their homes?

Are They Really Re-Opening?

News says that the reopening of the two-month lockdown will be done in stages. According to the sources, one can go out for all non-essential work anytime between 5 am to 9 pm. Not only this, but it is also speculated that restaurants, shopping malls, etc. will also be allowed to operate from 8 June.

The government has urged its citizens to be ‘self-responsible’ and take all the necessary precautions before stepping out. Social distancing and the use of face masks are to become a part of our lives during this time. Thus, our safety lies in our hands.

However, the re-opening of the lockdown is also good news for some people who were finding it difficult to stay in for such a long time. We miss our friends, all the spicy junk food, lurking around our favorite stores in the mall, or just generally stepping out of our houses and seeing the jostling life around.

Thus, the news of re-opening is like a ray of hope for such people who just feel dead from staying inside due to the ongoing lockdown. As happy as this news sounds on the surface, it looks stupid if viewed in a critical way.

We are the second most populated country in the world and there is a possibility of a very high spike in the number of cases if we ease the lockdown at such a crucial time when we are heading towards the COVID-19 peak.

That’s why I think that even if we are allowed to go out, it does not mean we should, as the chances of getting infected are at its highest in these times. 

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Our safety lies in our hands and we should avoid all unnecessary movement as it will only increase the chances of the virus spreading and us getting sick. But, as a millennial who is said to be rebellious by instinct; staying inside for such a long time is turning to be torture and we all need change. 

However, since I realize the severity of the situation, I would rather stay in and whine for a little more time than putting myself at the risk of getting infected and facing all the trauma later. In a way, it’s a paradoxical situation for most of us and a matter of personal choice. 

So let’s have a look at what other millennials out there have to stay about stepping out and attending public events and how soon would they be willing to do that

If we consider the responses that we got from these people, it seems most of the millennials are convinced regarding the idea of avoiding any kind of public events and staying as safe as they can.

It’s good to see that young people are thinking about the situation responsibly and are not making stupid or rash choices on the basis of their feelings or under the influence of their friends. 

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal choice as stepping out or attending a public event after the lockdown re-opens would not be illegal or a crime. 

So, do tell us in the comments regarding how soon would you be willing to attend public events in India.

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