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While COVID-19 is snatching lives rapidly across the globe and exposing the human race to n number of difficulties, we still know people who just have no chill.

Be it on social media or in front of any national or local media, some people are still coming up every day and playing their regular blame games. While one political party is advising its members to take a holy sip of ‘gaumutra’, the other set of people is blaming the Muslims for spreading coronavirus in India.

This is not all, blaming the opposition or full-fledged verbal bashing of the political parties who are now in power is also going on without any interruption. 

But is it the right time to focus on these petty things? Is it too important to spread hate in the name of religion and politics when the human race is facing a serious crisis of COVID-19 irrespective of their caste, class, colour, religious belief and political ideology?

Let’s find out what the millennials are thinking about this situation.

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I personally feel coronavirus is pretty neutral in nature and is all set to screw humans. Therefore, it is important for all of us to fight against it with unity.

During this prolonged crisis, people are anyway falling apart because of homelessness, hunger, financial crunches and mental health issues along with the real illness (which is obviously caused by COVID-19) and it is the time when we should try hard to stay positive.

Religion for me is always about my own belief and spirituality. Thus, I never see any logic behind people fighting over their religious beliefs and trying to prove their superiority or projecting other religions in low light. So according to me, it is completely unnecessary to bring religion into this or fight against each other during this crisis. 

As far as politics is concerned, policymaking is an important part of state and disaster management needs refined strategies to overcome this issue. Apart from it, there is no need for any virtual or real battle in the name of politics. 

What is your opinion about this matter? Share with us in the comment box.

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