The COVID virus since the moment it arrived in our world and made a living nuisance of itself as it initially ventured out into the world, nobody could have guessed how terrifyingly impactful it would be. As the authorities sit high atop their mighty castles, one looks for that tiny morsel of hope among their fellow man.

In this very same climate, the recovery of 75-year-old Shailaja Nakwe, comes as a gentle breath of fresh air, quite literally. Shailaja had been infected by the virus during the second wave.

Upon contracting coronavirus, her recovery was under severe doubt, however, in a battle of will and courage, she persevered showing signs of amazing recovery. As of today, her lungs have shown 100% recovery and turned her into a sensation, unlike any other.

The Story Of Shailaja: The Survivor

Shailaja Nakwe, upon being admitted to Sonagra Medical and Surgical Centre, showed little to no signs of recovery. The doctors had to solemnly declare that her chances of recovery were frighteningly slim and declared that she might not even live for the succeeding 24 hours.

Shailaja, before contracting coronavirus, was already diabetic and doctors upon coupling her already persisting ailment alongside the virus had little hope of her surviving.

Yet, she persevered. She fought day in and day out to see the light of day again. She wished to take back what the virus had sought to take away from her. She wrung the virus’s throat and told her in its face, “Not today.”

She stood tall in the face of it all, and she strived onwards. She had already surpassed the initial prediction of the doctors as she battled with her ailment day in and day out. With each passing day, she recovered and took a day at a time.

Shailaja Nakwe, upon recovery. Her initial CT scan had a score of 25/25, which meant she had to be taken into the care of a better-equipped hospital, yet she refused

Initially, when her son had laid his eyes upon his mother’s oxygen saturation levels, before her being admitted to the hospital, he was left aghast as the oximeter displayed an alarming 65%.

She was then rushed to the hospital, with her clinging on to the thin ropes of life and holding onto the hopes of what it meant to be mortal. Who knew back then that she would emerge victorious from the mortal tussle of life and death.

After thirteen days of all encumbering battle, she persevered, showcasing signs of absolute recovery. Her strength to recover had never been perceived in another human being of her age, the doctors commented. 

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She has to walk another mile for six months to attain absolute recovery since she has not yet gained full strength. Shailaja has been provided with a two-liter oxygen cylinder at home to enable her to breathe easily. 

No matter what, we know that she will persevere, for, there is nobody more determined than a strong human being.

The Celebrations Were Underway

When Shailaja had been admitted, Dr. Rajaram Sonagra, who was treating her, had little expectation of her ever recovering since she had nearly 100% lung involvement and required complete ventilator support.

He went on to add, “She was a diabetic who came to us with near 100% lung involvement. All five lobes of the lung had over 75% involvement. She was breathing with great difficulty.”

A depiction of doctors lightening up the mood, since every recovery is a time for celebration, and every life saved, a miracle to behold

Her discharge was celebrated with a show of amazing cheer. The staff celebrated with the cutting of the cake, as they came to believe that maybe miracles did happen in their profession. Yet, it wasn’t a miracle. It was a show of courage, resilience, and tenacity of the medical staff who put in day and night, to have her defeat the virus.

Nobody could have known that the 75-year-old from Mumbai’s Ghatkopar would become the face of otherworldly resilience, yet here we are. Nothing but awe exudes me.

If you are reading this, Shailaja Nakwe, you have become my superhero, alongside many others. Maybe, that’s what being a Covid Warrior is all about.

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