COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. 

Today, amidst the pandemic and India’s dire crises, I would like to bring forth a recovery story of a 19-year-old from Kolkata. Hopefully, this story will not only help you feel better but also help you realize that you are not alone in this fight and you will get better very soon. 

This is Aishi Chatterjee’s story who is a student of Amity University, Kolkata, pursuing a BA.LLB. She claims that among other fields Law interests her and gives her the leverage to deal with life and people around her more responsibly. 

Aishi Chatterjee- A COVID-19 survivor

Aishi’s Victory Over Covid

My father was the first one in our family to get tested positive. He was feeling feverish and weak so he decided to get tested. He had pneumonia and also tested positive for Covid. We had to immediately hospitalize him for his condition was worsening. Initially getting a bed was a task but we got one at RSV Hospital without much hassle. But getting the medicines for his treatments was very difficult due to the shortage. But eventually, we managed to get our hands on all the medicines that were needed for his treatment.”

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“Then within a few days, I started showing Covid-19 symptoms. I had caught a bad cold and throat irritation. Then eventually I lost my smell and taste to some extent but I regained my taste within a few days.”

“Emotionally, my mother had it worse. She had to do it all alone with my father being hospitalized and me being quarantined. She had to take care of us and the household all alone with the added emotional and mental stress.”

How Her Loved Ones Helped Her In The Times Of Need 

Initially, I was scared and tense but then I got better emotionally and for that, I would like to thank my friends who were very supportive and of course anime.”

“My relatives were very supportive and helpful. They regularly checked up on us and helped us to get the required medicines. My uncle was always there for us, he accompanied my father and me to hospitals and also made sure that we got tested regularly. I am grateful to him and my entire family who were there beside us in this tough time.” 

“Now, we both have recovered, my father has also returned from the hospital. But my cousin tested positive today and we had to admit him to Desun Hospital. I just want his treatment to go without any obstacles. Hoping for his speedy recovery.” 

Wear A Mask Or Endanger Your Loved Ones 

In these tough times, we should reach out to everyone who is suffering. My heart goes to all of you out there, hopefully, this story uplifts your mood. Please wear a mask and be safe. Aishi’s story is one of the many victory stories although the numbers are alarmingly less. Nonetheless, we should cherish the recoveries and be there for the patients in times of crisis.

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Sources: Personally interviewed the patient and his daughter

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