The past 4 months have been pretty hard on people who are too used to smoking marijuana or consuming any other alcoholic substance. They have entered into a rehab involuntarily, so of course, it is tough.

This family is from Uttar Pradesh will probably make them “green with envy” for all the wrong reasons.

The family got ganja (marijuana) disguised as methi (fenugreek) from a vegetable seller, post which they unknowingly cooked and consumed it.

The story of the Ganja Sabzi (or rather dream sabzi for some)

Can you imagine your fellow stoner friend gifting you marijuana as a prank? (an impossible dream for most)

According to locals, Nitesh got ‘ganja’ from a vegetable seller in Miyaganj (a small town in Uttar Pradesh), believing it is ‘methi’ or fenugreek and the naive guy got it cooked at home.

Probably the reason why parents teach us to inspect all the goods properly before buying.

After they consumed the alleged ‘methi‘, they started feeling dizzy and ended up in the hospital. We all know what excess consumption of some substances can cause.

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Neighbours to the rescue

For once we can all thank these neighbours for being ‘nosy’ at the right time. They alerted the police and soon after the family was hospitalized.

After investigation, the police confiscated the packets of uncooked as well as cooked marijuana from the house.

Further, they arrested the ‘vegetable seller’ who has been claiming it was just a prank.

Don’t take pranking to extreme levels

The case serves as a pretty good example as to why pranking should never cross certain limits.

If any such substance is consumed in huge quantities or even a little amount for some people, it can cause irreparable damage.

Older people are at huge risk of having heart attacks and even psychotic reactions to drugs. It may even cause anxiety or paranoia.

While some of you may be envying the family, be sure not to get inspired and do such pranks on your loved ones.

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Sources: India Times, Indian Express, Times now

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