The fact that COVID-19 has halted many industries and left the future of millions of citizens in a blur is not unknown. It is also applicable for the hundreds of thousands of students who are now left stranded, having no clarity of their academic future. 

In March, schools, colleges, and educational institutions were shut down temporarily in the wake of COVID-19 until the situation showed any signs of improvement. 

It is now going to be four months, yet the scenario seems anything but normalized. No one is sure about how much longer is this going to last.

COVID-19 cases have been on a rise for the past few months and the situation did not improve even after imposing nationwide lockdown

Understanding The Entire Fiasco

The government and the students have been in a state of turmoil against each other on the matter of exams for more than two months now. While the former has been implicating the need for conducting examinations, the students are opposing this proposal, calling it brutal and inhumane.

Almost every university has canceled the exams for students who are in their intermediate semesters, promoting them based on internal assessment records and previous semester results.

But the same cannot be said for the students in their final semester, and the ones who were scheduled to give their competitive exams this year (which usually take place between April to July).

Despite continuous requests and online protests by students, the college administrations, central government, and many state governments (except a few such as Maharashtra Government) are reluctant to cancel the final year and competitive exams.

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How MHRD’s Webinar On Physical And Mental Health Received Backlash

The indecisiveness of the government and particularly the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has left students in a state of confusion and panic. The final year students have to apply to other universities for higher studies and prospects. 

Students of DU have been actively protesting against the administration’s decision to conduct final year exams online

However, this situation is leading them nowhere and only adding on to their woes. The JEE and NEET aspirants are facing a similar uncertainty. Anguished, the students took to Twitter to put forward their concerns and protest against the government body.

JEE and NEET aspirants demand cancellation of exam amidst the ongoing pandemic

But all went unseen and unheard by the concerned authorities, which seem quite adamant in their decision to conduct the exams.

Amidst this, MHRD announced a webinar called “Fit Hai toh Hit Hai India”, which is scheduled to take place on 3rd July at 5 PM. It would address students’ questions regarding fitness under #FitIndiaTalks. 

MHRD announces webinar for students on fitness and health, which is scheduled to take place on 3rd July

While this seminar aims mostly at physical fitness, one cannot deny the fact that physical well-being is closely related to mental health. A fit body demands a sound mind, which seems a mirage for the students in the prevailing conditions. 

Hence, a seminar on fitness amidst a scenario where the peace of mind of students has been affected by the authorities seems hypocritical.

The “Fit Hai toh Hit Hai India” seminar is called hypocritical for the center is adamant to conduct exams in such conditions, risking students’ lives

The moment this announcement hit Twitter, students started rebelling against the concerned officials and MHRD. 

Students concerns are going unseen and unheard by the MHRD and other concerned authorities
Students resort to Twitter to protest against the exams and highlight the hypocrisy of the government

Students of the University of Delhi, Gujarat Technical University, the National Institute of Open Schooling, and JEE and NEET aspirants responded most actively amongst other students.

The decision of exams amidst this pandemic has started to take a mental toll on students
DU Final year students have to attend to their future prospects but the indecisiveness of the administration has left everything in a haze
Students of Gujarat Technical University actively protest against the administration on Twitter and demand cancellation of exams
Students demand scrapping of Telangana State Engineering Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (TS EAMCET)

While the webinar on fitness seems like a good idea, the government should recognize the concerns of students regarding the examinations.

This feud between the two is not beneficial for either of them and needs to be addressed by the government for the greater good of students.

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