Disclaimer: Originally published in July 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Let’s be honest about it – interview etiquette are seeing a downfall as each generation progresses. With Ravina Rawal’s tweets gone viral, we realize that this Editorial Head of Viacom18 is facing a sad reality of the country.

Well, things like this happen too.

Here we take you to some of the interview misbehavior that will leave a mark forever for all the wrong reasons:

1. You Have No Clue About The Company You’re Applying To

“So, what do you guys do?”

Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 people are clueless about the hiring company. If you don’t care about doing your research on the company a little bit, it is safe for the interviewer to assume that you have this slack attitude in work as well. Apart from that, it is insulting to the company itself.

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2. Being a slob

Different companies have different dress codes. Some companies are very casual, but that doesn’t mean you are free to get up from bed and land straight to the interview.

Good personal hygiene is the most important. Trimmed nails, showered, and unwrinkled clothes are very necessary. DO NOT BE SLOPPY.

3. Addressing the interviewer incorrectly

Saat khoon maaf, but calling your interviewer “dude” or “bro”? Never.

It is demeaning, and reflects your ethics at a formal workplace. It also reflects your slack attitude towards the organizational managers, and your utter disrespect of authority.

And if, by chance, you do manage to make that interview blip, always make sure that you apologize for the same. It is better than pretending it never happened.

After all, is that what you’re going to do when you get employed – overlook the mistakes and masquerade as if they never happened?

Interview Misbehaviour.
Exactly this kind of an attitude.

4. Take care of your CV

And by that, I don’t mean the credentials on it.

Always carry a hard copy of your CV whenever you go for an interview. People these days either never carry their CV or even if they do, it is in such a crumpled state that it physically hurts the interviewee.

Not bringing your CV to the interview is also a sign of how little your value your achievements and capabilities.

5. Perks over jobs

Yes. If you ask so much about how many leaves you get for vacations, sick days, family emergencies, etc definitely means that you are working for the perks and not the job itself. Did you come to the interview to employ yourself or upgrade your luxury?

I am still unsure as to why people have increasingly been ruining interview ethics, and there is always an unwritten protocol for interviews that should be followed. Many companies are now increasingly looking at these little attitudes that matter a long way, because it is these small things that will lead to your growth and development. Your credentials are a matter of the past.

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