Disclaimer: Originally published in May 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Summers are here and so are vacations. This also means it is that time of the year when maximum people have their birthdays and hence cash crunch! This calls for some unique DIY gift ideas.

So, running low on money? Fret not! Here, I have some amazing DIY gifting ideas for you!

1. DIY Cards

One of the most popular DIY gift ideas is cards! It never gets old. Fetch some good coloured chart papers, sketch pens and crayons and woah. You’re ready to create art!

DIY gift ideas 6
This is a DIY card/collage holder I made for a friend.

Now, don’t say you can’t sketch or draw, cards aren’t necessarily all about them. You can print some pictures and put them together? You can write text, you can create quote doodles.

The least you could do is write something nice for the person you’re going to gift the card to. Now, that’s easy-peasy. Right?

2. Fandom Scribbles

Another thing that has been around for quite a while now is fandom based gifts. Why spend hundreds on shopping them, when you can create them yourself?

DIY gift ideas 4
This was something I randomly doodled for a friend!

Did you know, you can create the IRON THRONE from GOT using just paper pins and cardboard? Yeah, that’s right.

DIY gift ideas 6
Picture Credits: 9gag

If you’re good at sketching and painting, you can sketch their favourite character and frame it for a gift. If not, you can definitely create fandom based posters by putting together your friend’s favourite quotes and pictures from the internet.

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3. Coffee Mug Art

Buy a mug (not asking you to buy a 500-1000 bucks mug from Archies!). A simple mug from a grocery or general store nearby and a few good coloured permanent markers. Black works the best, though.

DIY gift ideas 5
You can easily doodle with some permanent markers to create mug art!

Doodle and scribble whatever you want. You can dig up some ideas from the internet. Once you doodle, keep the mug to dry for a while. You can then use a coat of transparent nail paint on the doodle to make it last longer.


Bookmarks are one of the easiest DIY gift ideas ever. You can cut different coloured pastel sheets in rectangular fashion to make the simplest of bookmarks.

DIY gift ideas 1
These bookmarks were made by my sister last summer.

If you want to look like a pro, use some waste cutout sheets and randomly stick pieces of it with glue on the previously cut rectangular pastel sheet. You can even use paints to make abstract art on bookmarks.

Another method of creating DIY bookmarks is with threads. Those colourful wool yarns that your mom uses to knit can be easily used to make super cute bookmarks!

5. Phone Covers

Last but not the least. The new entrant to the coolest DIY gift ideas ever.

Yes, it’s phone covers. Buy a basic phone cover from the market and decorate it with glitters, markers or cut out pastel sheets.

Another thing you could do is get something really cool digitally printed on the phone cover. You could even print something fandom based from the internet on a good quality printing paper.

DIY gift ideas 3
I created this phone cover with an old worn out basic phone cover and a printed sheet of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. art.

And then stick it on the basic phone cover with the help of regular tape/glue. And, voila your phone cover is ready for use!

These are a few DIY gift ideas I have been using since quite a while. I spend less money and more effort and even my friends can’t stop going gaga over the gifts!

If you have any more ideas to add, hit us up in the comments below!

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