A few days ago, there was a new rage on the internet: Summer Fridays. Apparently, a lot of employers in the US were offering a brand new perk to their employees, summer Fridays.

Meant to function not much different than, say, a short leave, the new culture has emerged after a survey analysis revealed that workers are the least productive on Friday afternoons and more likely to leave early to get a head start on their weekends.

Well, ask me. It’s not like I hate my job, but I am looking outside the window all the time. An early Friday is something that I can definitely use.

Not in the summers for us Indians. Unlike the West, we aren’t really making plans to go out and get sunburnt with a lemonade in hand.

I suppose we could make do with such a perk during much cooler weathers. Or better still, could we possibly come late to work on Monday winter mornings to beat the blues?

Sources suggest that the perks are being formalised as a particular Friday when the whole office leaves early, or as restricted number of days when a worker can leave take early Friday leaves in a year. Overall, such a scheme has been designed with the view that the workplaces acknowledge that there is nothing wrong in craving for a life beyond work.

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In this case, I am sure too many overworked people in India would love to take some designated short leaves when the weather gets better. Whether it is to rush home to take your partner out or just catch up on some plans with friends and family, imagine how happy would Winter Fridays make us!

It may read silly to make a case for such a little thing, with the whole conceptualising and labelling what essentially is a short leave, the goal is to make for greater incentives for a workforce that is going overboard to keep the cogs and wheels moving. When you recognise your workforce with happy incentives, which reflects in their productivity as well.

Essentially since everyone sort of slow down by the end of the week, we should not be surprised if short leave Fridays become a fad in the corporate world.

And yeah, while it is important to ensure that the salary of is not getting affected by such leaves, we can totally agree that this is definitely an incentive too many office goers out there would be up for!

But yeah, imagine the rush at Rajiv Chowk at 3 o’clock in that scenario. Grr. You cannot get everything right after all.

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