The big bad virus that has been terrorizing all of us for the past 2 years has finally met its match. The vaccines that knocked most of us for a week and some people still refuse to take have been proven to work hence, doing the very thing they initially promised to do.

Yes, you read that right. The vaccines that have been researched upon and developed by the top minds in their respective fields work. This might come as a shock to the people who keep arguing about them and refuse to take them no matter how much of a nuisance that might cause the people around them but here is the newsflash: 


How Do Vaccines Work?

The human body can naturally adapt and is capable of protecting itself against various germs and viruses. These substances fight with various pathogens and are known as antibodies. When the human body is affected by these pathogens and germs, the antibodies take time to work against the infection. During this time the person might fall ill and get infected. 

Once these antibodies work, the pathogen is slowly overcome by the person’s immune system. Antibodies to different pathogens do not work on the other ones. You cannot really interchange them, right?

However, once the antibodies for different pathogens are created by the body the person is less likely to fall ill again or suffer in the same way. This means that if the person is exposed to the same pathogen again in the future their body will be able to produce antibodies faster, hence helping them get better and fight off the disease.

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The coronavirus is an unknown pathogen that our bodies have not encountered before hence, everyone was more likely to fall ill quickly and severely. This is where the COVID-19 vaccines come in.

All vaccines contain the weakened form of pathogens or at least a similar one to the virus. When these weakened germs are introduced to our immune systems, the antibodies are created which helps the person in fighting off the disease when they come in contact with the actual virus.

No vaccine provides 100% security but they do give a fighting chance to bodies and immune systems that are not as strong as everyone else’s. Vaccines have also helped dangerous diseases such as smallpox, measles, etc. go almost extinct.

What About The COVID-19 Vaccine?

It has been a year since the COVID-19 vaccines were released in the public realm in India and almost the entire country has been vaccinated, barring a few. Companies are happy to report that most of their employees are vaccinated with both doses and if not, they are encouraged to opt for the work from home option.

This fortunate situation has come to take place mostly due to the vaccination drives being undertaken at various places of work. SV Nathan, the partner and chief talent officer of Deloitte India says, “We are persuading people to get vaccinated, not mandating.”

He further adds, “We continue to encourage our people to work from home unless there is a concrete requirement to come to office. However, should they want to visit the office, they need to have received the second shot at least two weeks prior, or alternatively, provide a negative RT-PCR report with 72-hour validity. These measures will be fine-tuned further as we move to a hybrid way of working.”

COVID-19 cases have definitely seen a rise in the numbers due to the Omicron variant but it would be extremely wrong to assume that the vaccines are not working. The vaccines have made it easier for our bodies to fight off the virus at homes, hence relieving pressure off the hospitals which saw a dire scene during the second wave.

If you have not had your doses yet then do not worry. Register your name and go get jabbed. Help flatten the curve.

Disclaimer: This article is fact-checked

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