Before we begin, I am pretty sure that most of us are horror fanatics. We hog horror movies like we’d hog our favorite food – in my case it would be Biryani.

The thrill of what’s going to happen next, the eerie music in the background, visual effects and the suspense of the one word “why” all adds up to an amazing horror movie. Throw a demonic cult or Salem witches in the mix and you’ve got yourself a visual treat for your eyes.

Haunting of Hill House – now imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this

Horror movies or series thrive on the concept of novelty. The more different the concept, the more traffic it attracts. For example, my personal favorites are The Haunting of Hill House directed by Mike Flanagan and Ghoul starring Radhika Apte.

While the former taught us how love can be destructive but can also be the ultimate salvation, the latter taught us how sometimes we need to resort to a greater evil in order to eradicate the dirt in society and attain justice.


The new Netflix series Archive 81 is one such series that will not only have you glued to the device you choose to watch it on but will also have you terrified enough to sleep with your lights on.

Spoiler Alert! Just Kidding

This ultimate “horror series of the year” as referred to by many Netflix fans was released on 14th January and had already blown people away. One would call the series a fascinating amalgamation of five teaspoons of The Blair Witch Project, three teaspoons of Midsommar and half a teaspoon of Frequency.

Archive 81
Archive 81

The series is loosely based on the 2016 horror podcast whose title was also Archive 81 and is the brainchild of Dan Powell and Marc Sollinger. In case your curiosity gets the best of you, the podcast is available on Spotify, SoundCloud as well as Apple Podcast.

With the background setting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the series is split into two timelines. One being the present-day New York and the other being New York circa 1994.

The 8-episode series follows the journey of an archivist (Mamoudou Athie) who takes a job restoring damaged videotapes but finds himself getting pulled into a mysterious vortex involving the missing director and a mysterious cult that they were documenting.

Dan Turner

These damaged videotapes that the archivist was restoring was in reality a documentary that was being filmed by the filmmaker Melody Pendras (Dina Shibabi) for her thesis. It all began as a harmless documentary on the culture and community of the Visser apartment building until all hell broke loose when she uncovered a dangerous cult and began investigating it.

Melody Pendras

As both the timelines unfolded throughout the season with horrifying twists and turns, it left us fans wanting for more. However, the series ended with a climax followed by an intense cliffhanger.

The creepy Visser apartments

I am pretty sure if Netflix were to cancel this series, the amount of disdain and fury that it will cause the fans would be even gorier than the series itself.

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Let’s Take A Look At How This Series Shook Up A Twitter Storm As Well

While for some the movie served as a balm to their anxiety whereas for others it snatched away their capability to sleep at night.

After all, as rightly put by the Daily News, “this mind-bending puzzle pits sanity against reality where the pursuit of lucidity is both a nightmare and a thrill.”

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