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                 Blogger Akanksha’s Opinion

Vaccines Should Be Mandated

COVID-19 has been ravaging the world for over a year now. Millions around the world have lost their loved ones at its hand. Amidst all the chaos, when the COVID-19 vaccines started rolling out, humankind saw hope that this virus could be battled. 

However, there are some people who willfully choose against getting vaccinated, thus putting themselves as well as their close ones at the risk of contracting the virus. Hence, I believe COVID-19 vaccines must be mandated for the eligible ones. 

These vaccines are a result of months of trials and studies by scientists who have put in all their expertise and knowledge to create them. These have been approved by the world’s top medical body, the World Health Organization, which demonstrates that they aren’t created out of anywhere. 

These vaccines are meant to prevent the severity of the cases, and they have been highly successful. Over 90% of full-vaccinated people have been safe from the virus till now, and a menial percentage of those who did have breakthrough infections only had mild or even no symptoms.

Hence, mandating it would make sure that the maximum population of any country, especially the older generation and those with comorbidities, is safe. This will not only save the population from struggling to find oxygen or facing several prolonged illnesses but also prevent the horrors of the deadly second wave. Consequently, it will also reduce the pressure on our governments, which have been endlessly struggling to contain the virus.

We have to keep in mind that this virus is just a year old, and these vaccines were made, inculcating all that we know about it. The virus’s nature is to mutate, and it is only logical that advances in vaccines would be made consequently.

However, currently, vaccination is the best defence we have in our hands to protect ourselves. Hence, COVID-19 vaccines should be mandated for the eligible. 

                Blogger Anjali’s Opinion

Vaccines Shouldn’t Be Mandatory

Every human has some inalienable, fundamental rights which can not be snatched away from them, come what may. One of the rights in this list of natural rights is the right to choose. Everyone should have the right to choose one’s life partner, one’s profession, and one’s religion.

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Along with these rights, there should also be a right to choose if the person wants to take the vaccine or not. Vaccines should be a choice, but why?

I maintain this opinion because the efficacy of vaccines isn’t as promising as it should be, especially in cases of novel variants of the virus. In addition to this, it has been noted in several cases that despite both doses of vaccine, some people have contracted COVID-19, while some have even died.

Vaccines also come with side effects, which might be harmful to one’s health. Along with this, several people contracted the virus after visiting the vaccination centres, which are mostly set up in COVID-19 designated hospitals.

The low efficacy of some vaccines shouldn’t be a cause for worry, but some experts are also of the opinion that antibodies created after contracting the virus are more effective than those developed after taking the vaccine.

With this being the information available, someone who has already contracted the virus shouldn’t be compelled to mandatorily take the vaccine as he might be bartering more antibodies for less.

Over and above this, at the heart of my argument is the right to choose which should be extended to everyone. Though the public good and health are also important, vaccines aren’t a guarantee of anyone else’s health.

The person taking the vaccine might not be affected, but he might be the carrier. If everyone takes the vaccine, even then, there isn’t a hundred percent guarantee that there would be no cases or deaths. So, a choice must exist. After all, we live in a democratic and free society.

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Sources- The Conversation, Northwestern, World Health Organization

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