Red flags in a ‘just official’ relationship can be easy to ignore. However, they aren’t a complete myth. Initially, your mind can push you to think that your partner is perfect for you, but that just might be the bliss you purposely choose to stay in.

This might be fun in the beginning, but in the long run, some obvious red flags are something you should separate yourself from. Ignoring them could harm your mental health and if you aren’t aware of what could qualify as potential ‘red flags’, we have got you covered.

What Are Those Flags?

1) You Constantly Feel Unhappy With Them

Though this might be very obvious, it is something a lot of people choose to walk over. If you constantly feel unhappy when with your partner, and there is this nagging feeling that there isn’t any joy whatsoever, then this might not be the right relationship for you.

2) Your Partner Always Wants Their Ways

It is completely normal to get involved in your partner’s hobbies, interests and with their friends. But if you feel like you are always doing what your partner wants and not what you want to, it can be a concerning sign.

Especially if your partner is dominant and is trying to control your personal choices including what you wear, whom do you talk to or what you eat, that is a major red flag.

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3) You Are Extremely Co-dependent 

Co-dependency in a relationship is completely normal, but to the point that it is hampering your social life? If this is so, it is a moment to step back.

If you and your partner only spend time with each other, to the point that you do not talk to anyone else apart from them, it can leave you feeling vulnerable if anything goes wrong.

Moreover, if you feel that you are not able to freely talk about your relationship with your family and friends, or filter out stuff before sharing it, this could be a sign of a controlling partner.

4) You Run Out Of Topics To Talk About

If you find yourself questioning your compatibility with your partner, and are frequently running out of things to talk about when together, this could be a sign that this is not the right relationship for you.

Similarly, if you feel that your partner only talks about themselves or needs constant attention, they could be sucking out your emotional strength. 

You need to be supported too. And if they do not understand that, you know what to do. 

5) You Can’t Tell Your Partner How You Feel

If you have to contemplate too often whether you should tell your partner about how you feel, you might not be compatible with them.

It does take time to open up to your partner, but if you can not tell them your feelings, especially with the fear of being judged or laughed at, you need to think twice. That is not how a healthy relationship should be like.

What Should You Do If You Spot Red Flags In Your Relationship?

If you spot these warning signs or feel that things aren’t as smooth as they should be, you must try and talk it out with your partner to make your relationship better.

However, if you feel that these signs are pointing towards a potentially toxic relationship or you feel threatened in any way, it is better to end your relationship.

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