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In this age of high competition in terms of jobs, it is necessary to equip oneself with as many skills and as much experience as possible before applying for a job, so that when the recruiters are flooded with applications, yours is one of those few that stands out.

Common ways to make yourself appealing in the job market are by learning foreign languages, learning technical skills like how to skillfully operate MS Office products and WordPress, for example, and doing internships during your student years.

Why Do An Internship

An internship is usually for a short period of time- your contract can be measured in terms of months, not years- and functions like a crash course in the field of your interest.

It can be a way for you to dabble in many different fields- for example, if you’re pursuing a literature degree, you can try out internships in fields like journalism, advertising, publishing etc before you find the one that you feel is right for you.

Basically, an internship gives you a taste of what it is like to work in these industries.

What An Internship Teaches You

Even if you are one of the seniors at your educational institution, as an intern, you are at the bottommost rung of the ladder.

Being an intern is an experience that knocks off your corners, teaches you humility, and makes even the most respected senior understand that they still have plenty to learn and a long way to go.

An internship instils in you a good work ethic. Reporting to higher authorities on a regular basis and meeting deadlines makes you accountable for the quality and quantity of your work.

Your people skills improve, as an internship makes you interact and work with people of all temperaments and backgrounds. You learn to be patient and polite in every situation- which is a key quality to possess at the workplace.

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What To Expect From An Internship

It is very important to understand that an internship is not for making money- in fact, most internships are unpaid- they are more for gaining experience and expanding your skill set.

You will be under pressure at times, especially when you have multiple deadlines to meet- both from your internship and from your studies.

You will be at the bottom of the so-called “food chain,” so it’s very important to remember that you must behave in a decent and polite manner.

If you throw your weight around or act inconsistently, not only will you risk losing your job, you also risk receiving a bad reference from your employer, which will affect your future job prospects.

You can expect to be told off at times if the quality of your work is not up to the mark. Instead of feeling bad or retaliating, it is very important to accept feedback and even scoldings at times with an open mind.

Because the people telling you these things are doing so only to improve the quality of your work, which ultimately improves your worth as an employee. Also, they have every right to correct your mistakes, because they are more experienced than you, and have been there, done that.

In conclusion, I would just like to add that it is very important to remember that an internship is a LEARNING EXPERIENCE that will go a long way in improving both your resume and your attitude.

That is why it is important to work hard, be open to suggestions and feedback, and not be too touchy if and when negative situations arise.

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