Ed-tech platform Unacademy has been top trending on Twitter since yesterday morning, but for all the wrong reasons. Netizens have called out the platform for its apparent Hinduphobic attitude. The hashtag #AntiHinduUnacademy is gaining good traction.

But, what led people to this extreme conclusion?

In a UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam mock test, they gave a question which very clearly puts Hindus in a negative light. The question says that Hindus start pelting stones at Muslims who are chanting their religious slogans on the pious occasion of Eid.

This is almost as if they are calling Hindus intolerant and insensitive. If they needed to ask this question from the examination point of view, they could have done so by using variables instead of actual existing religions.

unacademy hinduphobic

People were enraged after seeing such irresponsible behavior from such a large-scale startup. Unacademy released an apology letter and also deleted the question from their portal.

But, it was not just this one event that led to this claim that Unacademy is Hinduphobic.

Unacademy Promotes A Ramayana Parody Video By NEET Topper

NEET 2020 topper and currently a student of AIIMS Delhi, Soyeb Aftab, organized a Ramayana parody during the festival of Navratri this year. The parody was promoted by Unacademy, which again is indicative of their apparent Hinduphobic nature.


unacademy hinduphobic

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Unacademy Teacher Compares Taliban To Martyr Bhagat Singh

A teacher from Unacademy named Anil Khanna drew a comparison between the Taliban and our freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

Indeed a distasteful comment, it was not taken well by the people. He apologized after this got viral and said that this was just a case of miscommunication and that he never meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Unacademy Teacher Says That China Will Take Over India Soon

The veracity of this video and whether it belongs to Unacademy or not is not yet confirmed but the video has been making rounds on Twitter.

Anti-Brahmin Rant By Unacademy Trainer

Last year, this video where an Unacademy trainer is very directly attacking the Brahmin community went viral. He can be heard saying, “sabse kaamchor Brahmin hote hai” (Brahmins are the laziest/most sluggish).

He then goes on to describe how they manipulated everyone into believing that they can show the path to God.

We expect more responsible behavior from the educational platform that is subscribed by thousands of students from all over the country. Putting such an absurd question on the test was absolutely unnecessary. It negatively influences the mindset of students coming across such information.

Moreover, the Ramayana parody by AIIMS students was again a mockery of Hinduism and the holy text. Twitteratis have been demanding the arrest of organizers of this parody. The fact that it was promoted by Unacademy does not bode well for it.

Companies, especially the ones in the education sector that deal directly with students, need to be held accountable for the content they are putting out. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section.

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