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Time and again almost every girl must have had a moment of weakness while ogling at a rude bad boy. If you too have fallen for a guy wearing combat boots, black t-shirt, jeans and with his arms filled with tattoos, despite your friends saying otherwise, then raise your hands and jump in this article.

There is nothing wrong with liking a typical bad boy, trust me, we all have been there. My theory was that, in childhood whenever a guy used to be mean to you, all your friends would say something like;

He is doing that because he likes you silly” * girly laughs and giggling *

And that mentality sadly stuck with us and fast forward to present, every time we see a rude and mean or cold-hearted guy, cupid hits us!

But reading further and researching a bit, I can safely say that ladies it is all to be blamed on our hormones, ovaries and evolution! PHEW. So, without missing another second let’s dive in the psychology behind our somewhat failed dating history.

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Like Dobereiner’s triad (chemistry joke) our decision to like bad boys is also based on triads. There are three traits that are found to be present dominantly in such males, namely, narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

And it is our innate tendency to be drawn towards such traits. Blame it on evolution or mother nature’s cruel trick.


Bad boys always look irresistible, right? Compared to the good and nice guy, they seem to have just something so attractive that we just can’t stop drooling.

Well, think of it this way, a narcissistic guy would mostly work hard towards his physical appearance. They indulge more time and passion in creating their perfect first impression. And thus, it is not a coincidence why they have amazing looks and wardrobes.

They are just naturally good at presenting themselves and make their presence appealing. So, no matter how much he says that he has not worked on his “bed head” hair never believe him.


Evolution wise, our brain is wired to find the best available option or set of genes present to pass on our progeny and these bad boys appear to have the best, even if they don’t possess an ounce of it.

Being impulsive, confident, rebellious, rule-breaking, biking around etc are generally associated with bad boys, which to our brain suggest “that the subject has such good genetic quality and condition as to live dangerously without suffering harm.”, as also said by Fernando Gutiérrez, a researcher.

Simply, the qualities of alpha male are what our body wants to pass onto our kids. And during our time of the month, it reaches another level and we tend to make decisions based on our raging hormones.

However, no matter how, you convince yourself, bad boys are fit for flings and not long-term stable relationships. So, do yourselves a favour and give a good guy a chance and save yourselves a world of pain and suffering.

In the end, the charm has to run off and you will be left with nothing but a mass of good looking, indifferent boy, who is waiting to ride off on his Harley and into the sunset.

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