It was not a surprising revelation when we discovered that WhatsApp was changing its privacy policy. It was bold of the Facebook-owned communication app to even continue including the word ‘privacy’ in its terms and conditions, as the implication of its statement revealed anything but data protection.

Criticism ensued after the statement went live, and netizens were suddenly made aware of the fact that their information was going to become vulnerable to Facebook.

WhatsApp has now become the ultimate peeping Tom as it has claimed the right to use people’s information to target them with personalised advertisements.

WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy

However, netizens have been quick to respond to regain their sense of dignity and privacy, and are already coming up with alternatives to WhatsApp. It’s not because we are afraid to have our messages read by Mark Zuckerberg, but because we don’t want capitalist politics to win.

The Rise Of Telegram

If you are a cinephile, you probably have this app already on your phone or desktop from where you occasionally download movies and TV shows for free. Telegram gives you access to various public groups available on the platform for different purposes.

However, this is just one of the several advantages of using Telegram. Founded and owned by a Russian named Pavel Durov, the app has around 500 million users as of now.

Telegram offers the end-to-end encryption feature, which can be utilised to the maximum in its ‘secret chat’ mode.

However, what makes Telegram unique is its feature that enables users to delete their messages and private chats from the server, and get notifications when screenshots of the chat are taken.

Although WhatsApp claims to have the same, it is debatable since there have been many cases of data leakage.

One can also form accounts without directly connecting them to their phone numbers on Telegram. It also has a special feature that allows one to make public profiles with their chosen username, which helps to keep one’s identity protected.

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For a better comparison – while WhatsApp collects other information such as device ID, purchase history, contacts, user ID, advertising data, etc., Telegram only requires name, phone number and user ID.

To top all of this, Telegram is not associated with Facebook at all. It is also a better platform to share large files (capacity is around 1.5 GB).

Although Telegram, due to its open-source model, charges no payment from the end-user, Durov has announced that they might start monetising public channels and offer additional payable features to take care of the funding.

However, Durov has also stated that he will not sell the company, unlike the founders of WhatsApp, because he wants to ensure a high-quality messaging environment.

The company is so confident about its security that they have conducted numerous contests, challenging participants to hack their system in exchange for money.

The only con of the app is its lack of a video-calling feature. However, WhatsApp’s video calling feature does not promise privacy anyway.

The Support For Telegram Is Hilarious 

Twitterati has already started declaring that they’re going to abandon WhatsApp. Memes are being made and shared on the platform, and most of them are humorous and relatable.

While it is true that nobody’s data is safe when they’re on the internet, we can still control how much of our information is used to an extent.

Additionally, there’s another messaging app called Signal that serves as a better alternative to WhatsApp. It’s high time that we all collectively fight against Facebook.

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