Cheat India is making waves not only for tackling a relevant issue but also for the preponement of the film allegedly to avoid a clash with the upcoming biopic Thackarey.

Cheat India, directed by Soumik Sen and starring Emraan Hashmi starts a conversation around the many problems in our Indian education system.

From the exam-obsessed nature to the system mostly benefiting the wealthy who can easily pay and get whichever degree they want without any true merit in that field, the topic has resonated with students and general public alike.

Apart from the malpractices there is also an increasing number of students who are willing to cheat in whatever way possible to get a good enough ranking in certain exams, which is putting a very bad example for future generations.

The movie was initially set to release on 25th January 2018, however, in a press conference held by the makers of Cheat India, it was revealed that the date has been pushed back to 18th January now.

The Press Conference

On 4th January, Emraan Hashmi, Atul Kasbekar, Bhushan Kumar and Tanuj Garg along with Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackeray and Sanjay Raut held a joint press conference to announce the new release date.

In a statement the producers of Cheat India said that, “As a mark of respect to Balasaheb and to maximize the commerce, we arrived at a win-win decision. There should be no ego in business. We have, in the past, rescheduled the release of Aashiqui-2, Hindi Medium, Sonu Ke Teetu Ki Sweety and Tumhari Sulu, to align with business logic, and the results are for all to see.”

Thackeray, the biopic on Shiva Sena founder Bal Thackeray starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui was releasing on the same date as Cheat India before, but it was felt by the makers that it was best if they shifted it to a week earlier.

Emraan Hashmi even confirmed this news on his Twitter by posting:

Emraan Hashmi at the press conference explained the reasoning behind doing so,

“I know there is a lot of speculation on why we have called you here. So I’ll just put it out there without wasting anyone’s time. We had a release date for our film Cheat India which was planned on the 25th of Jan this month and we have decided to prepone it to the 18th of Jan.

There are a couple of reasons for that. We just felt our film is a very special film, it’s a high concept film and it’s a subject that has never been dabbled upon. The education system is a prevalent problem in our culture, in our country right now.

There’s never been a film like this attempted and we felt that we’d get an open week, we’d get enough breathing space, enough elbow room for our film to grow and sink in the consciousness of the audience and we’d get the benefit of the 2nd week also.

Also there was just a lot of noise on that weekend. We felt we’d get a better open week and it’s better for everyone.”

He then showed his appreciation for Thackeray by saying,

“By the way, I’ve loved the promo of Thackeray and I wish them all the very best.”

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The Cheeky Comment

During the end of the press conference though, a question was asked to Emraan about who are the biggest cheaters in India.

To this Emraan answered that,

“Two have already been named, Mallya and Modi….Nirav Modi.”

This caused a lot of laughter since the answer was obviously a slight dig at the surname Modi, however, Emraan cleared up the confusion quickly.

Twitter caught this moment and many reacted to this news and had a good laugh over the cheekiness of it.

Guess 18th Jan is the date we all have to wait for to see and understand how Emraan has dealt with the cheaters in his movie.

Looking forward! :D

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, Firstpost, IANS 

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