Everyone had hopes from 2020 and thought it was gonna be their year. But oh were they in for a surprise.

Starting with the bushfires, the cyclones, the earthquakes, the locust swarms and of course the omnipresent COVID, followed by the goddamn pandemic, the experience of 2020 was like shoving your head in a beehive.

Whenever people felt like 2020 was finally going easy, it came back harder with something totally unpredictable. It left all of us with a feeling of shock, fear, fatigue and also awe.

While there are still a few hours left of this year and we shouldn’t be surprised if we come across another 2020 moment, we all can take a second and congratulate ourselves for surviving this year.

Laughter helps us in our grim moments and the same goes for 2020 too. Twitterati, which is known for its crisp yet hilarious humour, did not hold back when recently, Twitter’s official account asked them to roast 2020. 

Here are some tweets about 2020 that’ll definitely tickle our funny bone.

If only we had a dollar for every time we checked our fridge in 2020

Dude, please stop talking, I beg you 

2020: The Windows Vista of years

Nothing good ever happens in seventh grade

What was all that about people hoarding toilet paper anyway?

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S is silent but the pain is real

Just like that annoying dude who won’t stop talking 

It’s finally over, phew!


Oh no, said it too soon. God-damn it!

Pineapple is NOT supposed to be on pizza and your mask is supposed to COVER your nose!

No more Gemini year, please 

Half a star

I mean, he’s got a point you know?


Amazon Prime Video, take notes

Oh damn, guy got no chill

It’s okay y’all, 2020 is about to end and we are all in this together. But… let us not keep our hopes too high for 2021 either.

Have a great New Year’s Eve! But before that, do let us know in the comments section below, which tweet did you find the funniest?

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