Spider-Man No Way Home has made the biggest first-day opening in Box Office India in 2021. The revenue generated is approximately Rs 32.67 crore, more than the Avengers: Infinity War’s opening day earning of Rs 31 crore. It has shattered global box office records with $50 million earned in Thursday previews. 

Fans came out with tears and smiles as nostalgia held over more than eighteen years finally came true. The film, directed by Jon Watt, was filled with heavy action sequences, multidimensional spectacle and humanized elements that kept the audience hooting and standing from their seats.

Here are some of the top moments from the film. Do read at your own risk as it contains massive spoilers.

Appearance of Daredevil

The return of Daredevil.

The Netflix series called Daredevil got canceled after three seasons in 2018 to the disappointment of many fans. Thus when Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, came to Peter Parker’s rescue as his lawyer in Aunt May’s apartment, fans went crazy.

Matt, wearing his iconic red glasses, a suit, and a cane, helps Peter. He says, “Peter, you may have dodged your legal troubles, but things will get much worse. There is still a court of public opinion.” 

Peter is surprised when Matt stops a stone from hitting him suddenly! Well, our Peter only knows him as a lawyer, not Daredevil.

Aunt May’s Death

How can one ever forget aunt May?

Our Peter Parker has already lost his mentor, Tony Stark. Thus when the Green Goblin kills his aunt, he is left with an indescribable and infinite loss.

Aunt May has been the one persuading Peter to help and give the villains a second chance. But she ended up digging her own grave. Yet till her last breath, she was sure she did the right thing. Peter did the right thing. The famous line said by uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility” is repeated by Aunt May too. She told Peter to hold on to hope even in the direst of situations.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Saving MJ

Gwen was saved through MJ by The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man movies could not save Gwen Stacy when she fell from the Clock tower. In Spider-Man No Way, Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was in an existential dilemma. His confidence was lacking. He believed his duty could not be associated with a romantic interest. He was aghast from his previous dreadful experience.

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man invigorates him to give love a second chance. When MJ falls from the top of the Statue of Liberty towards the ground, Andrew’s Spider-Man saves her. He was somewhat relieved from his regret. The relief and reminiscence of his past on saving MJ made the audience very emotional.

Three Generations Of Spider-Men

Spider-Man No way home
When Ned called Peter Parker, all three Spider-Men responded. This meme finally became true!

Ned Leed’s got hold of the ring of Doctor Strange. He can open portals leading to different places and universes. When he wanted to reach Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man came through! 

The second time, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man came out of the portal. Unlike the younger Spidey’s, he is very mature! The funniest part was Ned’s grandmother telling the Spider-Men to clean the cobwebs on the ceiling!

Both the Spider-Men came to help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. They could feel from their spider tingle that he needed their help. From supporting and helping each other, both emotionally and on the battlefield, their hugs and funny banters became some of the greatest Marvel cinematic moments in history. 

Green Goblin Vs Norman Osborn

Spider-Man No way home
Peter Parker gives all the villains a second chance at life.

The humanized element of the Spider-Man No Way Home was that it gave everyone a second chance. Dr. Otto Octavius, Lizard, Electro, Sandman, and Norman Osborn’s humane sides were shown. They fell into the trap of villainous roles, but some part of them wanted to let it free.

Norman’s denial of his dual personality by breaking his mask to his transformation as an antagonist awed the audience. When Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was going to kill him for the death of Aunt May, Tobey Maguire stopped him. It was not his personality. Even Norman was not in his real self. The antidotes gave the super villains a second chance at life, be it Sandman returning to his daughter or Dr. Octopus getting rid of the negative voices in his head.

Spider-Man No Way Home is indeed the movie of the year that will leave you fulfilled and yet a little empty. The cinematic brilliance, poetic justice, and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker evolution will make you jump from your seats.

The fans can have trust in Peter as Tony Stark had. The saddest part was when everyone forgot the memory of Tom’s Peter Parker, but did MJ forget him?

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