Spider-Man No Way Home releases this Thursday, 16 December in India. In the upcoming movie, the multiverse is opening up. Peter Parker will face villains ranging from Dr. Octopus to Sandman!

Tom Holland playing the role of Spider-Man currently, has already blurted out he has a group chat with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. So are our ex-Spider-Men appearing in the movie too? Here are some of the fan theories. Read at your own risk!

Zoom At Your Own Risk

Fans have eagle eyes. They pointed out how Jamie Foxx playing the role of Electro, uploaded a movie shot on Instagram and used #Chasing Spiders! Numerous fan theories are both sensible and nonsensical! So the official Spider-Man movie handle uploaded the ultimate spoiler on Twitter.

What did you see?

Yes, it is a prank by the makers. It just says, “Hope you’re having a good day!”

Siege Perilous

A fan on Reddit has derived a theory that the box shown on the movie trailer might be the Siege perilous! Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, gave the Siege Perilous as a reward to the X-Men after they beat an adversary. 

When Siege Perilous is activated, it opens a portal. One can have a new career, name or a relationship here. But it sometimes comes at the cost of losing memories of the old life.

Seven different Spider-Man characters have already used it in Marvel history. In the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, Peter Parker sits on the top of a building. He is regretful that his identity got exposed to the public. Peter might probably use the Siege Perilous to change his fate. But does that mean he will forget MJ? 

Ned Will Become Hobgoblin?

The best friend and high school buddy of Peter, Ned Leeds, has been helping him to keep his disguise. But we shall remember that in the comic books, Ned is a journalist and revealed to be the supervillain Hobgoblin! 

Can Ned be Hobgoblin?

In a recent interview, the cast was reacting to the fan theories. When the fan theory of Ned becoming Hobgoblin came, Tom Holland said, “There’s a moment though!” Will Peter and Ned fight against each other?

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Fight Between Green Goblin And Spider-Man

Recently The Lizard, Green Goblin and the role of Sandman have been confirmed upon the release of posters and new trailers.

In the trailer, mostly the fight scene between Electro and Spider-Man has been shown. Two footage of Green Goblin footage can also be seen in the trailer- one of them shows the broken mask on the floor and in other the streaks from his astounding grenades.

Will Green Goblin kill someone?

Fans believe Green Goblin will murder someone. It will make our Spider-Man want to kill him! In a recent interview, Tom Holland said, “I mean when I say there are blood, sweat, and tears, I’m not exaggerating” added “I know in my fight scene with the Goblin, I bust my hand up, my knuckles were all bloodied, and we were really going for it” Holland said.

He added the fight scenes were exhausting. On the last day of the shoot, when the director said “cut” he and Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin) just collapsed to the floor.

Are The Trailers Fake?

Marvel is known to be editing characters from its trailers. The fans are investigating theories from the trailers, but maybe the movie is greater than these theories.

Some fans believe Doctor Strange cannot be so insensible to use such dangerous spells for Peter’s humane fears. Many fans noticed an unusual scene in the trailer. Investigators were asking questions to Peter about Mysterio’s death. 

One of them might not be an investigator, but his lawyer, played by Daredevil! Daredevil is the blind superhero of Marvel Comics, whose real name is Matt Murdock. During the day, he works as a lawyer. At night he takes the identity of the superhero Daredevil. In the recent interview, Tom Holland reacted to the Daredevil theory by slyly saying, “Will he?”

The theories will be clarified when the movie is released. Comment below and let us know which fan theory, you think, is the most believable one.

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