Akshay Raskar was 34 and owned a small electronics store when he received a notification from his bank. His account had been credited with $222. He was confused and on some probing he ascertained that a video that he had posted on YouTube had gone viral.

He is from the village of Kolgaon, which is now also known as the “Blogger’s Village” as a large number of residents have taken up blogging as a profession. 

The Viral Video

Akshay, on a trip to Nashik, captured a video of a farmer spraying his field and uploaded it on YouTube. The video was titled “Indian Jugaad.” Approximately 58 lakh people had watched the video which led to him earning $222. Prior to this incident, he was unaware that people could earn money from YouTube.

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The Blogging Journey

Akshay realised the potential that YouTube had and immediately got to work. He researched more on blogging on platforms such as Google and YouTube and taught himself the nuances of the field of the work.

He started writing about the government schemes related to farmers as a means to convey the information to his fellow villagers. His income increased after this decision. He now has multiple blogs under his name and he has employed several students.

He is the one responsible for his village being referred to as the “Blogger’s Village.”

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