Anand Mahindra might be a big industrialist, but he is not just known for his business acumen but also for his interesting Twitter posts.

The 67-year-old billionaire businessman is often known to post about unique and less talked about things in the country from startups to interesting jugaads, photos and much more. Recently his post about an artificial intelligence (AI) video showing the different phases of aging through the lens of an Indian girl went viral.

Currently, there is a growing trend of AI art and AI-generated videos about various things like reconstruction of old buildings to how certain celebs would have looked in different scenarios and more.

On April 24th, Anand Mahindra the chairman of Mahindra Group, posted the following video with the caption ”Received this post of a sequence of portraits generated by Artificial Intelligence showing a girl ageing from 5 years to 95 years. I won’t fear the power of AI so much if it can create something so hauntingly beautiful….and Human…”

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The video clearly generated a lot of interest and commentary with one user writing that “It’s beautiful and awe-inspiring, and a reminder not to get too carried away and lose grasp of reality.” 

Some users started to get into the ai debate of it all and how it was being used more and more in daily life with one writing ”This is Indeed Haunting..if future is AI, it should still be highly regulated” while another said that “Nope AI is beautiful. Like electricity, it has capabilities to change the world for real. Just some regulations here and there. From detecting sleepy passengers in XUV 300 to avoiding an accident, the potential is limitless to start with.”

Another user replied “This is really amazing and the way AI is transforming it would be difficult to comprehend. From creating images to writing books to songs the future is totally AI driven.. hundreds of tools releasing each week giving more power to it…”

Image Credits: Google Images

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SourcesHindustan Times, India Today, NDTV

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