Food blogging is becoming meaningless and overrated, by the minute.

The legitimacy of real food blogging and real food bloggers has come under the scanner since the last few years, ever since food blogs started booming via reviews from Zomato and food meets because some free loaders JUST. WON’T. STOP.

There are plenty of reasons why this apparent profession is now looked at as a waste of time and a fad among the youth and we’re gonna go into a little bit of detail to examine this:

#1. What Food Bloggers Are Actually Supposed To Do:

Food bloggers primarily start off with Zomato as food reviewers and as their rating rises given the amount of traction their reviews generate, their credibility increases and they become critics and professional reviewers as they direct the traffic to their own blogs.

That’s basically how their credibility generates their prominence and then they get invited to blogger meets and by established restaurants to review their food.

#2. What A Majority Of Food Bloggers Actually Do, These Days:

These are mostly rich brats with daddy’s cash to spend and they take food blogging as a hobby and consequentially end up choking the life out of it.

They go to expensive restaurants, click bad pictures of food, buy likes and followers for their Facebook and Instagram handles and write 2-liners as a “blog post”.

Food Blogging

Add to that, they get paid by new restaurants to write good reviews about them, effectively shunning out the legitimacy of the ratings that most restaurants get and putting to steak (PLEASE GET THE PUN) the reputation of actual food bloggers who take food blogging as a serious business.

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#3. What Comes Out Of It:

Nothing productive.

Absolutely nothing productive and people start to look at food bloggers with a genuine feeling of distrust, disgust, and disenchantment. The 3 dis-related words you’d never want to be subjected to.

Here, the “bloggers” get what they want at the expense of an audience, which in crude words, is basically tired of their phony shit.

So in the quest to gain followers, these so-called food bloggers are actually jeopardizing their REAL followers and along with it, their credibility.

Now this becomes problematic on 2 levels:

A. The culinary business becomes monopolized.

B. Food blogging loses the aesthetic of the term “blogging”, which in the modern scenario holds the connotation of EXHIBITING AN OPINION AND EXPRESSING WHAT YOU FEEL.

What we as audience get are underwhelming experiences due to misleading reviews and what the rich brats as food bloggers get are free invites to blogger meets, free food and free alcohol.

And yes, this elitist and pompous behavior has been called out and ripped apart on the internet by several frustrated readers and bloggers alike, who’ve condemned food blogging for its modern misappropriation and it’s not just the fault of these dumb kids but the restaurants too which invite these good-for-nothing “bloggers” to write shiny puff pieces for them.

The vortex of this dumb and misleading content which passes off as blogging these days is dangerously mismanaged and a barrage of Instagrammers with 0 accountability, 0 food photography skills and 0 content generation skills and this barrage has swarmed the internet like eve teasers around a Delhi girl after 7 p.m.

Or 6. Or 5 p.m. You get the point, right? Thanks.

Last time I checked, a culinary expert was held in high regard like any other journalist but given the modern trend, that will change and not for the better.

Not unless dumb women and men stop referring to themselves as food bloggers to get an all expenses paid entry to a blogger’s meet and food tasting event by saying, “Excuse me! I post generally 1 or 2 food pics and reviews in a month but I’m just not regular these days”, much to the amusement of their own friends standing behind them in a queue. Yes, this incident happened in front of me at an event. True story.

Needless to say, there exist food bloggers who are still good critics and don’t mislead the public for money but how many good guys remain? How many stay that way?

If you didn’t get my Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice reference, please escort yourself out of this window. Geddit? Geddit? Jesus Christ, my pun game is on point today.

Keeping digression aside, food blogging has descended from being a profession that details with exploration, culinary expertise, research, culinary journalism and most importantly, love for good food and helping businesses grow with better reviews TO a dumbass fad for the daddy’s princes and princesses with a DSLR and a wad of cash to spend.

So with all due respect, before you judge food bloggers based on their Instagram and Facebook reach, make it a point to actually analyze their page and take a step further by actually looking at how they review food and rate it.

Let’s not have another fun profession spoiled by the fad-favoring millennials.

Let food blogging stay real.


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