The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a screeching halt to the global economy, the nationwide lockdown leaving its streets deserted. As the wave of panic and disease continues to surge, no one dares to step out of the house (not all, though).

The shutdown of businesses and the limited number of automobiles down the streets is clearly a consequence of the circumstances above. Though this entire situation has brought along one good aftermath – a decrease in pollution after nearly decades of not letting mother nature breathe.

By now, you may have come across this post through any social media:

Isn’t that amazing? Humans set themselves back for less than 3 months, and the earth starts to heal itself.

Later, as usual, the Twitterati strikes again. Anything that goes on this planet – good or bad, interesting or mundane, normal or absurd – everything becomes a source for a new collective joke. India prides itself for plenty of them, such as its hilarious takes on Modi’s clapping request (for essential workers), to a group of men chanting “Go Corona, Corona Go”.

And even the most joyous news about the air clearing up hasn’t been spared, and is held by its neck by these social media savages.

The Earth Is Flat, Here Are My Arguments:

Wow, I can’t believe pollution can increase the light-years between Earth and the other planets. The universe is truly marvelous.

And for some reason, our poor Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world standing at 830 meters in height, got caught up in all this:

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For The Finale:

What are Indian Twitter shitposts without at least one meme about our lord and savior Modiji?

And that’s it for today, folks! A bunch of curated tweets that depicts the height of Twitter humor, may it be sunshine, rain, or storm. I mean in the end, what is life without a little laugh? If coronavirus insists on making the lives of millions miserable, the least we can do is try churning out the good that can tickle our funny bone.

 A Reminder:

If you have the privilege (a.k.a. enough money) to not go out, please don’t! Stay indoors and stay safe. Limit your trips for necessary grocery shopping and medicines, and carry a sanitizer and protective gears while going out. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are: one should take these precautions. If you’re infected, you may recover- but you will act as deathly carriers of the virus to the elderly and the weak. See you!

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