Marriage is one of the most important days of anyone’s life. It means the start of a new chapter of life for the newly-wed and marks a new beginning. 

While this is one of the most awaited days, some people firmly believe that work is more important than a life-event. Such people are those who worship their work and will go to any extent to fulfil their duties.

While all of us are stuck in our homes, doing all sorts of things to keep ourselves busy during quarantine, the doctors of India are taking matters into their own hands, saving thousands of lives.

These news related to people getting cured and doctors doing their best not only makes us proud and happy but also gives us hope in gloomy times.

One such woman who is making India proud and happy is Dr. Shifa M. Mohammed.

Dr. Shifa is a corona-warrior, currently working in a hospital in Kerala. She is a house surgeon and is working in the isolation ward of the Periyaram Medical College and Hospital.

She was all set to marry her Dubai-based businessman fiancé, Anus Mohammad on 29th March. However, she called off her wedding at the eleventh hour. 

Looking at the condition of her patients, she felt that they needed her more than anything else. To honour her dedication towards her profession, she abandoned her bridal dress for the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) (PPE is the protective suit that health-care staff working in an isolation ward has to wear, to avoid contact with COVID-19).

Her decision to delay her marriage must have been a tough one, however, in her words, “Marriage can wait, not my patients, who are struggling for their lives in isolation wards”.

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When the 23-year old doctor decided to go to the isolation ward, she informed her parents and the groom about her decision and they not only heartily accepted it but even praised her for her high values and dedication. 

It is noteworthy that her elder sister is also a doctor posted in Kozhikode Medical College while her father is a political leader and her mother is a teacher. 

Her parents are immensely proud of her decision and according to her father, “In every girl’s life wedding is an important event. But my daughter has put her social responsibility and professional commitment before her personal needs. When she suggested postponement of her wedding, we readily agreed to it.”

Her groom was also very supportive of her decision and acted as a strong pillar to support her in the time of need.

When some media houses approached her to ask her about this incident, she was humble and avoided talking about it. After some persuasion, she said, “I didn’t do anything great. I did only my duty. I don’t want to talk about it much. There are many like me who postponed their personal engagements. I am only one among them.” 

Considering that there was no compulsion to take such a step, her dedication towards her work is commendable and shall be praised.

While not only India but the entire world is fighting COVID-19, we need more professionals and youngsters like Dr. Shifa who work selflessly for humanity and mankind.

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