Well, Indians are not oblivious to the unspoken dispute that takes place between a government university and a private university student.

Both of them are at the receiving end of innumerable taunts and stereotypes that sometimes, may or may not be true.

As a Delhi University student, I’m also constantly mocked for a number of things related to college-life.

So today, I’d like to put an end to this banter and bust some of the very typical stereotypes that are aimed at me by my non-DU friends almost every day.

#1 We Do Not Have Any Attendance Issues

For some of my very intelligent peeps, being in DU is equivalent to having a very chilled-out life, they think I visit Hauz Khaas every weekend and if not that, then I’m just lazing in bed all day because we have absolutely no minimum-attendance rules.

They think I can visit college anytime according to my whims and fancies, but no, that’s not how it is.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this stereotype is a myth in disguise. Even we have a minimum 67% attendance rule and although some colleges do not follow that very strictly, 5 marks out of the internal examination are compulsorily just for attendance.

So even if we are lucky to land up in a college that’s not too strict to follow the minimum attendance mark, we will end up losing 5 marks out of the internal score if we’re not regular.

So yes, life ain’t that easy and dreamy for us as much as you think it is!

#2 Hum Free Time Mein Bas Protest Karte Hain

I’m tired of listening to my friends complain about how every other day there is a protest taking place at LSR or Ramjas.

They often say, ‘Arey tum log subah-shaam bas protest hi karte ho kya?’ but to be honest, what is wrong in fighting for yourself? In taking a stand for what is right?

When the formal procedure of lodging a complaint fails, what other method is left with us students?

Misogynistic rules, sexist guidelines for all-girls colleges and hostels, and of course, the corrupt administration of these colleges have left us no other way than to protest against these evils.

So yes, we will continue doing that until our voices are heard, say what you may.

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#3 All We Do Is Party, Party And Party

If you think life is a piece of cake for us, you’re absolutely mistaken.

Amidst internals, PowerPoint Presentations and the humongous amount of society work, only we know how we juggle through each semester.

Some courses at the university are so tough that most students have to take up coaching in college too, in order to maintain a decent CGPA.

So when you think we must be partying away, we’re generally taking extra classes in a room fully-packed with students gasping for air or even worse, working on an unpaid internship that would serve us no good.

#4 We Do Not Have To Worry About Job Placements At All

Most people think that once somebody gets into DU, their life is all set with a 25 LPA package waiting for him/her at the end of three years. But let me tell you, not every college is bound with such high aspirations.

Only a handful of Delhi University colleges even provide placements, let alone decent ones. So yes, that’s how terrible our situation is.

Our package fee isn’t included in our college fees, unlike private universities. We practically complete our entire graduation for what the private lads pay for half a semester.

So although DU is very cheap and affordable, we don’t get decent job offers served in a platter like private colleges.

These were some of the most common stereotypes that I knew people associate with Delhi University, in general. If you have heard any more of these, let us know in the comments below.

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