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Aiming for Delhi University?

To mil gaya admission?

“Nahi yaar, cutoffs bohut high hai!”

Sorry guys, I should not be laughing at our helpless juniors but the unrealistic cut-offs and the sorry faces of our DU aspirants make me laugh even harder! You know, getting into DU is not everybody’s cup of tea.

No, no I am not underestimating the students, I am overestimating the cut offs!

And I definitely agree, they are way too unrealistic.

But that doesn’t affect the following 5 kinds of people who are cool enough to make it to DU:

1. The ‘No Party’ Guy

We all have always known and made fun of that ‘nerdo with no social life’ in school. But guess what? S/He is already sitting in Stephens while that ‘cool dude’ is still begging for admission!

Anyways, WELCOME TO DU Mr. Geek! Hope you get a life here!

2. The ‘Mere Baap Ko Janta Hai’ Guy

Yeah, they are the ones who’s fathers are powerful and influential enough to get them a seat in the college. How we hate them when they get special favours. While we sweat and fret in the admission queues, they sit in the office and get their work done. Boooo :(

3. The Work Hard, Party Harder Girl

We all think that we can only get one: awesome marks or an awesome social life. But there are people who get both. They party hard and still have no regrets!

“How does she manage to do that?”

Well, while you ponder over it, she is already dressed up for her freshers. Way to go Gal!

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4. The ‘Mai Hoon Sachin ’ Guy

Arghh, all he knows is how to hit a century AANNDD he is in DU. Cricket wali century yaar!

When the sports quota showers its blessing, all they get is advantages, advantages, and advantages.

How we wish we would have continued playing cricket instead of cramming that stupid formula.

5. That ‘Bloody’ Cheater

Remember that guy sitting beside you in the exam? He has already made it to DU. Whaa?

It’s a ‘rofl’ moment when the person who cheated from us gets more marks. While DU welcomes him with open arms, it slams the door on your face (sob sob).

‘Baba ji ka thullu’ is all you get. Poor you, me, everybody…

Anyways, wait for the subsequent cutoffs and try and try again till you get through DU because:

“Ye dilli hai mere yaar. Kahin na kahin to admission mil hi jayega, worry not Bro.”

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