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These Imperial Blue Ads Are A Hilarious Take On Why Men Will Be Men


By Mehak Bahri

Someone once told me a couple of years ago that all men are the same and all women are the same. Obviously, I laughed off this comparison and thought is a twenty something year old even qualified to pass off judgements on male-female behavioural patterns without any formal education on the subject?

However, I have realized that there is some truth to this. All men are the same and all women are the same.

To prove this point even further, we have the wonderful and witty Imperial Blue advertisements!

When your hear “Pyaar ki raah mein, chalna seekh”, you know this ghazal is advertising Imperial Blue and how MEN WILL BE MEN!

If you are a West Delhi boy, you’d be clearly lying if you said that you don’t alter your music choices when on a date!

Or, you’ve probably not given a second look to a male co-worker asking you to stop the lift. But, lo and behold, if a pretty girl asks you to stop the lift; you will jam up your fingers in the elevator shaft if necessary to make it stop.

imperial blue ads

These Imperial Blue Ads most definitely prove a point or two:

1. Boys just wanna have fun!

When your wife/girlfriend goes out of town for a week, it is the literal equivalent of being
left home alone by your parents. Party time!

You would probably call all your mates over, get some beers, chill in your pyjamas, play
video games and make embarrassing videos of each other. I have seen this scenario with
almost all of the boys I know.

But what if your wife/girlfriend cancels? If this Imperial Blue ad doesn’t define your
emotions perfectly, I don’t know what will!

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2. When you are one step short of asking for the Kohinoor because you forgot your anniversary!

One out of every three men forgets their anniversaries. They always have a legit excuse and they make it seem like it was only the one time. And these are the men keeping jewellery stores in business.

Because what’s worse than coming home, finding an anniversary gift from your wife and realizing you didn’t get her anything because your forgot?


Nothing is worse than forgetting your anniversary.

3. Who’s the better man?

They say that women are more scathing, competitive and never admit they are wrong. But
have you seen two men trying to one up themselves for the attention of a woman? It is in
such scenarios that you will have your male egos in their finest displays.

Men will bring up even the tiniest achievements (pun not intended) to win, even if it means showcasing a second prize trophy for a sack race!

Check it out!

4. Hum, Tum aur Woh

Before I started on this article, I sent this video to 5 male friends and asked them if they
would, while talking to their girlfriend, pass the phone to one of their mates and let the
mate pretend to be them and talk to their girlfriend. All of the 5 friends said they had
actually done it.

When the conversation is mostly one sided and you are just saying “Hmm” why can’t you sort out some work, tie your shoelaces, play a game of PUBG, smoke a cigarette while your mate says “Hmmm” for you.

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