By Mehak Bahri

So often we have heard about office romances gone wrong, gossip mills churning out information that can destroy the reputations of both employees involved.

As far as screw-ups in workplace romance are concerned, it’s safe to say that the Bill Clinton- White House affair was the biggest one.

But then again, on the other side, we have Pam & Jim (The Office, US) or Mike & Rachel (Suits), the couples that led us to believe that we too, would find love amongst work, long hours and several cups of coffee.

Considering the average age of the Indian workforce (predicted to be 29 and the youngest workforce by 2020), it is not surprising that many millennials are finding love/lust at work!

When it comes to workplace romance, Tinder is definitely not the numero uno option for people to find love. Instead, check out this unique, fun and some downright weird ways how millennials find love at work!

#1. The overused office Skype network

If you are working in a multinational company, or a major Indian firm, chances are that your work laptops are equipped with an intra and inter-office network which is to be used solely for work.

And if you believe that these networks are used only to talk about project submissions and client queries, then you, my friend, are very, very wrong.

The office network is used as often as the Facebook messenger when it comes to scoring some romance.

Just like Facebook, all you need to know is the name of the person you fancy and behold, send them a “Hi” and a work situation which requires meeting in the cafeteria over a cup of coffee. Tried and tested, 100% effective.

Of course, Skype can get you your first coffee date, but the rest is on you!

#2. The “Smokers” network

It does not come as a surprise that the young workforce is leaning more towards tobacco use. Thirty percent of the male population in India smokes and India is home to the second highest number of women smokers globally.

Despite being aware of the several ill effects of smoking, it is undeniable that the smoking zones are filled with employees during their breaks and it peaks during lunch hours or after work hours.

It is also true, that many younger employees take up smoking as a way of socializing, meeting new people and getting on the better side of their bosses while sharing a cigarette.

Unfortunately, smoking has also become a ruse and a method of checking out the “market” and in the pretence of asking for a lighter, chatting up a potential soul mate.

#3. Sneaky sliding in between conversations

Have you ever been talking to a group of colleagues, when suddenly a person you’ve seen around sneaks into the conversation and seem only interested in what you have to say?

Or have you asked a work friend to introduce you to a potential love interest via bitching about your boss? This is almost a playground technique, well overused and yet extremely reliable.

Very often, this “Sneaky Slider” joins a conversation which you are a part of and unknowingly spins his/her eloquent words to land you up! This method actually involves a lot of work.

First, the sneaky slider must be well equipped with the topic of conversation. Second, he/she must make an entry at the most optimal time so it doesn’t seem like an interruption or just plain desperation.

Third, the sneaky slider must say something intelligible to actually get your focus!

Out of all the office romance techniques, always choose the Sneaky Slider.

#4. Offsites & Team Outings

Isn’t it funny, how every workplace has a love story that revolves around team outings or off-sites? It’s almost as if off-sites are the field trips of grownups.

But the work trips and work outings don’t have a scandalous name for nothing! They are almost as capable of finding a match for you as is

And no one is to blame, really. It’s a chilled out environment, everybody is in a good mood away from their laptops and deadlines and projects.

When people are happy, they tend to agree with you more. So the next time you see someone at work and your heart strums violins and fiddles, wait for the next work trip and ask them out!

#5. “Let’s burn off some steam by Hooking up”

The most stressful Indian job profiles (not inclusive of Defence services) today are Investment banking, Stock market finance, IT workers, consultancy services and journalism.

Jobs change your lifestyle and relationships and high-stress work environments leave you with little time to focus on either one.

Since millennials or the young workforce is experiencing such demanding hours for the first time, it almost always affects their potential for relationships.

Love, seems to be a burden and an unnecessary responsibility for many young adults who have just started working.

Both parties agree that their work is more important for them, however, they do want to have fun and let off some steam, and hence, with little time for love, hook-ups save the day!

Also, did you know that 90% of the people involved, at work, have been caught “doing” it on the job! Please remember, throwing things off a desk to have sex looks good only when Ryan Gosling does it!

So, whenever you’re available, whenever you ready, keep in mind these Millennial dating tips and finally go on a date with the one!

But always remember, CONSENT COMES FIRST!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Wikipedia, Times of India, Asianet Newsable

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