By Mehak Bahri

Ten years ago, we were introduced to the fictional world of Twilight, and with that came the frenzy of Team Edward & Team Jacob. It’s 2018, and it’s safe to say, that we haven’t really changed as people.

Instead of doe eyed teenage girls screaming for their favourite set of abs, we have the entire Indian population engaging in debates, screaming matches and online tussles of who is the next generation God of Cricket.

Is it captain cool, MS Dhoni or the captain Chikoo, Virat Kohli?

Indians are passionate people, at least when it comes to cricket, and funnily enough, the battle for the God of cricket has extended beyond the nation’s boundaries.

Recently, in an interview, Shahid Afridi had stated that Virat Kohli should take a leaf out of MS Dhoni’s book and should follow his footsteps if India needs to win a series abroad.

Social media is ablaze with disputes and hard core arguments on who is the better captain, the better cricketer, and once again, who is hotter.

1. Virat Kohli vs. MS Dhoni Rap Battle- Shudh Desi Raps

“Dhoni band kardi teri dukaan, ban gaya main naya match captain. Shaanti gayi bhaad mein, ab aggression main laaunga, tu draw karta reh gaya, main jeet ke dikhaunga! Tere temperament se cool hai mere 10,000 tattoo, tere CSK ke players ko main ek ek karke kaatu!”

“My daddy told me haters gonna hate, I got the best records till date. Two world cups, 2 IPLs, 1 championship league mere paas, yeh hairstyle dekh le Anil bhi bole Jhakhaaas”.

This spoof rap battle between Dhoni and Virat will leave you in splits! It is a hilarious take on the two cricketers’ strengths and weaknesses, but with a twist of comical satire. All puns are intended!

2. The many, many feelings of the Twitterati Janta

Remember the age old question that nobody has been able to solve “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Scientists may be able to solve this conundrum, but the Twitterati cannot solve the problem of “Who is better, Virat or Dhoni?”

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Well, no words were minced here!

That got political, real quick.

We too, are dealing with a lot of emotions when it comes to choosing our favourite cricketer. Relatable.

A simple and sweet remembrance to Captain cool with a tinge of nostalgia.

There is no need to explain the love for Dhoni!


Of course, Virat Kohli’s fans are not behind when it comes to rampaging twitter to show their support for him.

This loyal Virat fan clearly has some unresolved issues with Dhoni’s game and is probably/definitely signing Dhoni up for the next South Indian masala movie.

This tweet just goes to prove that Kohli’s number one competitor is the previous captain itself!

Being compared to the Cricket Legend! Now that’s something.

The love for Kohli has extended borders and rivalries!

When all the credit is bestowed upon one person!

Team India? Or Team Virat?

Despite the several critics, supporters and fans of both, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, one fact is certain, that both players have immense contribution to Indian cricket and both are fabulous in their own ways and have mastered their own techniques.

Nonetheless, should we start a new hash tag #MAHIRAT?

Image Credits: Google Images, Twitter

Sources: Hindustan Times, India TV, YouTube 

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