Being an alumnus of Delhi University aka DU myself, I have been part of many debates and heated discussions over which campus is better, North or South?

Some say that South is better since it is more modern and the connectivity it has to all the latest and youth-oriented hotspots is something that the North campus lacks.

But on the other hand, DU’s North campus boasts of some of the biggest and oldest educational institutes, famous alumni and of course, Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point among its offerings.

Also, getting admission into a North campus college is much more difficult than the colleges of the South campus. With colleges like SRCC, St. Stephens, Hindu and more whose cut-offs even in the 3rd list, only drop till like 95 or 96%, it could be quite a big thing to even hope to get a seat there.

But at the same time, it is not like South campus comprises of only hooligans and students who couldn’t find a seat in a North campus college.

South campus is steadily rising fast in terms of its crowd, education standards with LSR, Venky, Bhagat Singh and more not that far behind with its exceptional student body.

Then why is South campus still a second preference to many of DU aspirants? Why is the South campus of DU not at the same level as that of North campus?

Why is there this great divide between the North and South campus of DU?


Let me try to theorise on this apparently never-ending debate and try to make it clear why even now, North campus takes a precedence over the South campus.

The History

There is no arguing that North campus has got a pretty long and vast history behind it and its colleges.

That could perhaps be one of the things that most attract students over to it.

It is also the point of being a part of something prestigious that North campus has over South.

As some of the best colleges of DU are in the North campus, getting a seat in that particular campus, is almost seen as a sign of merit and intelligence.

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Another reason why North campus enjoys a higher position to that of the South, is the fact that the former is much more well connected than the latter.

The Vishwavidyalaya metro station has almost been a boon to many students, as it has drastically shortened the distance and allowed a way for those who live a little far to be able to attend the university.

Also, one does not have to choose a different station for every college, just get down at Vishwavidyalaya or at the most Vidhan Sabha and from there, almost every college is just barely 10 -15 minutes away.

The Campus Feel

This is, I feel, one of the biggest reasons why North campus wins almost every time over South.

Where the South campus colleges are sort of scattered, sure a few might be close by each other, but even still, one has to travel at least a bit in order to reach the other college.

The North campus is more grouped together and gives the feel of actually being on a true campus.

If one wants to get the full college experience, then North campus provides it much better than the South.

It almost feels like a whole another world, tucked away in this area of Delhi, where the students can be themselves.

I believe that is also one reason why creativity is much higher in North than South as there are so many students to bounce ideas off of each other, add in the competitive nature of the various colleges, which results in a more healthy manner of competition.

delhi-university (DU)

The close proximity of the colleges along with the diversity of students and being able to open up in a sort of educational and perhaps safe environment allows students to become confident of their talents and independent in nature.

Signing off I would say that, these are just points based on what I have observed and if you disagree, then please do tell me in the comments section.

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