DC might be getting rave reviews and appreciative points from people due to them debunking the myth that female superheroes don’t work. But Marvel is coming back to one-up them and create an even more diverse and broad universe.

Their latest venture Marvel Rising which will take the MCU into the animated sphere and their first full-length feature film called Secret Warriors that will be set in motion next year in 2018.

The animated film will have a diverse and varied kind of superheroes ranging from Captain Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, Inferno, Quake, Hala, America Chavez, Exile and many more.

This seems to be an excellent move by Marvel which finally has realized the insistent cries and suggestions of its fans to include more representation of not just women, but LGBTQ, POC to create a more accepting and relatable universe.

Not to be left behind by DC of all things, Marvel had first revealed the first female live-action superhero origin movie for its Phase 4 with Captain Marvel.

Now with this animated franchise, they are not only going into a completely new arena but also including characters that are fan favourites but have not been able to be included in the films.

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Representation, Representation, And More Representation

It seems that Marvel has put a lot of time and thought into this franchise and has included practically every kind of culture, race, gender, sexual orientation and more that was lacking previously from its universe.

From Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel, a Muslim, brown and female superhero to America Chavez the first Latino-American and LGBTQ character and again female.

Then we also have Quake and Hala who are both females, one a superhero and the latter a villain who will be coming in from the ongoing TV series Agents of Shield.

Inferno and Patriot (a young man who wishes to walk the path set by Captain America) are also POC male characters.

Marvel might have taken a lot of time coming to this realization that the world is not made up of straight, white males, but now that it has, expectations are extremely high.

The problem here is that one it is Marvel, so anyway people are going to have high hopes with them, and second would be that it is very easy to screw up these things.

Fitting so many new characters in one film could be disastrous and an overdose of new characters that at least the movie-going audience would not really be able to relate to if each character is not given enough screentime, backstory properly explained and made interesting.

Also, the animation angle is one that will only be something we can comment on once we see it.

Although the teaser sure looks good, but overall it will be only once the film is out and we can see the kind of animation quality the film has that the actual impact will be made.

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