Love has always been a very curious and interesting emotion to humans, the mix of biology and the psychology that this emotion brings about, has kept humans fascinated longer than any other topic.

Over the years though, love and its definition along with the place it holds in society has changed a lot. Now it is no longer confined to being just between a man and woman, instead, it transcends race, sexual orientation, colour, gender, etc etc to encompass everyone and everything.

Magazines and media have created a business out of love, revealing tips and tricks to impress your crush, get your crush, get under your crush, get over your crush, keep your partner, cheat on your partner, and practically every other scenario.

But, nowadays, getting or finding love has almost become something akin to completing a project. Rigorous research, hours spent on creating the perfect strategy and more are all that goes into finding that certain special someone.

Okay, in order to make this clear, allow me to give you two scenarios of people and love:

1. Make It A Full Fledged Project:

Imagine a person, who has dated very little in life, after enough poking and prodding from friends that they should find love and take initiative, do exactly that. But, in a very calculated and strategic manner, where join various dating apps, go to blind dates and dating meetings, work on their grooming, and essentially go about it akin to finding a job.

And just like in a job, they don’t leave hope due to certain bad experiences, because even in jobs, you sometimes get a good one, an average one and a really bad one. That does not mean you stop looking for a job.

Similarly, even this person does not stop seeking.

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2. Sit Passively:

A second scenario would be a person who no matter what said will not make any real effort to find love or a relationship.

They are willing to wait and let love come find them when it has to and go about their life without making any drastic changes.

Not saying they are opposed to the idea of love or are commitment phobic, but they just don’t want to take such intense measures like some do.

Although I have not really encountered someone from the 1st scenario, I would include myself in the 2nd one.

I’ve had a lot of friends tell me, that I need to take some steps myself, to not just sit around, instead talk to people, go out, socialize, get on dating apps etc.

But I do wonder how sane is the whole concept of approaching such a volatile and unpredictable thing like love like you approach your career or job.

Some people straight up make it a mission, where they do a lot of hard work, lose sleep, create a plan and more all just to meet the right one.

Like, say when you go to a gym, your trainer or you yourself even, will probably create targets and meal plans and charts to be followed diligently in order to get the results you want.

In a pretty much same manner, even people these days are doing such intense things when according to me at least a little bit of it should be organic.

Not saying that one should not take any initiative at all, but to go about it in such an almost crazed manner could also not be right, for you or for your future partner.

However, the question still remains, do you sit quietly, waiting for when the right person will come or do you take it by the reins and steer the carriage how and where you want it to go?

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