Beauty audiences are now leaping towards super ingredients that work wonders on the skin.
Many skincare players have evolved as they began to introduce ingredient-focused products. However, the addition of actives in the skin in the most potent forms irritated many consumers. According to Zaki Taher, a dermatologist and associate professor with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Using skincare products that contain exfoliating acid promotes skin turnover to reveal a smoother complexion.
There are a few different types of acids available. Some target dark spots and some work more deeply to target wrinkles and fine lines. Exfoliating acids are now more considerable as their proven ability to resurface the skin. When a new activity is used for the first time, purging and flaking may occur. But often people misinterpret this situation as a reverse reaction. Consumers are now expecting nourishing cosmeceuticals that accommodate the healing of skin whilst the usage of AHA and BHA’s.
Skin law, a brand that focuses on the holistic approach of skincare. It reckons Usage of humectants and other nourishing ingredients Play an important role in maintaining the skin barrier. The brand’s vision is to educate about skincare and make skin ingredients more understandable and approachable to everyone. To extend further knowledge, it is also in talks to launch skin series where knowledge of skincare will be shared through interactive sessions. Founder Santhoshi Reddy asserted that “skin needs fodder and apprehension of skincare is paramount. Most importantly, Understanding the dynamics of skin will help one to choose the actives better. Over exfoliation should be avoided. and let the skin do the magic’’.


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